Reminder cards went in the mail Monday to dog owners in the cities of Longview, Kelso, Castle Rock and Woodland, reminding them it’s time to renew or buy licenses for their dogs for 2013.

License fees must be paid by Dec. 31 or there’s a $15 late penalty, said Rick Johnson of the Humane Society of Cowlitz County. The fee for spayed or neutered animals is $10.

Any dog owner in the city limits who did not get a reminder card is still required to license their dogs, Johnson said Tuesday. License fees may be pay at any veterinarian clinic or at the Humane Society, he said.

The fine for not licensing a dog is $257, he said.

A rabies vaccination is also required to license a dog, he said.

A dog that bites someone and has a rabies shot can be quarantined at home. However, if a dog bites someone and does not have a rabies shot, the owner must pay to have the dog quarantined at a vet’s office or the Humane Society. Also, if the person’s wound becomes infected, the health department or court system could order the dog put down. The wounded person also must endure “those horrible rabies shots,” Johnson said.

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Those "Horrible rabies shots" are a thing of the past. The shots for rabies today are VERY much needed but the pain of old associated with them is gone do to advances in medicine. At least the ones I've received were a piece of cake after an encounter with an aggressive bat.

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