Motorists, be careful: More than 10,000 bicyclists will pedal through Western Washington and Oregon this weekend during the annual Seattle to Portland Bicycle Classic.

The Washington State Department of Transportation asks drivers to share the road and prepare for traffic delays along the 200-mile STP route, which includes Cowlitz, Lewis and Columbia counties.

In Cowlitz County, bicyclists will take West Side Highway (SR 411) from Castle Rock to Kelso and continue as the highway becomes Third Avenue in Longview. They’ll take a right on Industrial Way and then cross the Lewis and Clark Bridge to Oregon. Riders will then head through Rainier on Highway 30 toward Portland.

Based on past years, the DOT predicts traffic delays early Sunday on SR 411 between Castle Rock and Kelso and all day Sunday at the base of the Lewis and Clark Bridge. STP organizers and WSDOT will provide traffic control in these areas.

At the Lewis and Clark Bridge, drivers can expect nearly 20-minute delays from 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Sunday as the Washington State Patrol and flaggers stop southbound traffic on the bridge to allow STP cyclists to cross, escorted by the Goldwing Motorcycle Club.

On Saturday, any STP cyclists will share the bridge with traffic unescorted.

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WOW! Like Driver's Care about those who Ride Bikes...This story was a waist of News Paper space. I would Never Ride Bicycle on West Side Highway. DADD believes, To many Dumb Driver use Highway 411. Sorry to Say, But there will be bikers hit on that road. I pray none get hurt to badly and the Dumb Driver's causing the Issue spend time behind Bars! It's My Opinion and Protected by The Constitution!


I hate this stupid thing. Those of us that have to get to and from our property via west side hwy are so inconvenienced by these idiots. they ride way out into the road and force cars to go slow. They should not be allowed to disrupt my life in this way. Or they should have to compensate me with money... make them stay on the outside of the frost line or stay off the road!!!!

Quit Yer Bitchen
Quit Yer Bitchen

This is an activity that promotes healthy lifestyles that include physical activity. Rather than bitching about the event why not congratulate and support people that care about their physical and mental health. It must be tough to be inconvenienced once a year.

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