An unidentified semi-tractor trailer wreaked havoc in the 500 block of North Ninth Street in Kelso Sunday night.

Kelso police officers responded to the area shortly after 9 p.m. According to the report, eyewitnesses said they heard a loud crash and emerged to watch as a semi drove through the area. The truck knocked down a utility pole on the corner of Ninth Avenue and Columbia Street, as well as a stop sign and fire hydrant. The semi then turned southbound onto Seventh Avenue and left the scene.

Eyewitnesses did not see the driver and could not provide many details about the appearance of the truck.

Police officers found pieces of insulation on the scene that appeared to come from the trailer. Officers followed a trail of the insulation from Ninth Street to N. Seventh to Cowlitz Way before the trail disappeared.

No other evidence was left at the scene and officers don’t have any more leads at the time.

The Daily News, Longview, Wash.