R.A. Long High School is excelling when it comes to preparing its students for college.

The school was recently awarded with the AVID program’s “Schoolwide Site of Distinction” recognition. AVID, or “Achievement Via Individual Determination,” is a four-year curriculum designed for middle-of-the-pack students.

The award recognizes the school for excellence based on the number of students enrolled in rigorous courses, the number of seniors completing college entrance requirements and applying and being accepted into college, and the number of students taking pre-collegiate exams.

According to R.A. Long Principal Rich Reeves, RAL is one of 104 schools to receive this recognition out of an eligible 700 others across the country.

This is the fifth year for the AVID program at R.A. Long. Plans are in development to introduce the same program at Mark Morris High School within the next couple of years, according to district officials.

The Daily News, Longview, Wash.