A Pacific County teenager who murdered his father in 2010 because he wasn’t allowed to have a car will spend 31 years in prison, a judge ruled recently.

Devon R. Moore, now 18, was sentenced to 31 years in prison, followed by three years of community custody. Pacific County District Court Judge Michael Sullivan imposed the sentence Nov. 15, two years after the murder.

According to court records, here’s what happened:

Moore, who lived with his father, Timothy Moore, in South Bend, was told he could have a car as long as he stayed on the honor roll. Moore’s mother did not live with them.

Moore didn’t make the honor roll and the father and son quarreled on Nov. 2, 2010. Moore “stewed” about it in his room and then got a .22 caliber rifle from a spare room, went into his father’s bedroom while he was asleep and shot him four times in the head. Prosecutors noted that Moore used a bolt-action weapon, which meant he had to place a new round in the chamber to fire each shot.

Moore then buried the body in a shallow grave in a remote area. He cleaned up the truck he used and the bedroom, using bleach and flipping over the blood-soaked mattress. Moore told his girlfriend and others that his father was missing.

Five months later woodcutters found remains identified as Timothy Moore. The Moore house was searched, and Moore was arrested and later confessed to police. He was charged as an adult. The case was delayed while he underwent a mental evaluation at Western State Hospital. He entered a guilty plea to first-degree murder with a firearm last month.

Prosecutors asked for and received a maximum sentence for Moore, who had no prior felony convictions. Prosecutors requested the sentence based on the gruesome nature of the crime and the fact that Moore disposed of the body in a particularly “callous” manner.

“Devon Moore ultimately engaged in a totally selfish act with no regard to the pain that he inflicted on Timothy Moore’s family and friends,” prosecutors wrote in court filings.

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