An $845,000 federal grant came through for Lower Columbia College on Thursday, and that’s only half of the amount the college is getting to equip its new Health and Science Building.

The LCC Foundation will match the grant, bringing the total sum to $1.7 million, LCC President Chris Bailey said Thursday.

“For us to put together $1.7 million in one fell swoop is really outstanding, we are really pleased to get this.”

After a two-year process of submitting and resubmitting proposals, the Economic Development Administration awarded the grant money to bette train students in science, technology, engineering and math.

“You don’t want to have 1950s equipment in your new building,” Bailey said.

Bailey said EDA grants are rare and hard to get, and it comes as the better alternative to raising that money alone.

The new science building will be partially open this summer, with a grand opening slated for the fall.

Bailey credited work done by Washington’s Congressional delegation for getting the money approved.

“It is so critical that we help residents in the region gain the skills they need for competitive jobs,” Senator Patty Murray said in a prepared statement. “This funding will help put people to work in Longview, and it will lay down a strong foundation for long-term economic growth.”

Every laboratory in the new building will get outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment and supplies.

“We’ve got great faculty, great facilities, and now great equipment to go with it.” Bailey said.

Brooks Johnson covers Longview city government for The Daily News. Reach him at 360-577-7828 or

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