Military officials on Tuesday took possession of a small Korean War-era rocket that was discovered near a Castle Rock barn, authorities said.

Cowlitz County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Charlie Rosenzweig said the two-foot-long rocket didn’t have a live warhead, but it was capable of being launched because it contained propellant.

“It was kind of like a training round,” he said, adding that the weapon posed no significant danger to the property owners nor the public.

Rosenzweig said it’s unclear where the rocket came from or how long it had been there.

The rocket surfaced last weekend in a bramble of blackberry bushes near a barn in the 1100 block of Hazel Dell Road, according to a report. The weapon was in a rotting wooden crate that, Rosenzweig said, was “literally falling apart.”

A woman who lives on the property called authorities Tuesday after discussing the find with a veteran of the armed forces, who explained that the rocket could be dangerous, according to the report. The woman could not be reached Wednesday.

Officials from Joint Base Lewis McCord arrived in Castle Rock on Tuesday afternoon and took the rocket, authorities said. The military officials described the weapon as a M405 training rocket.

Local residents have reported finding grenades and other explosives in the past, but Rosenzweig said he couldn’t recall whether a similar rocket had been found in Cowlitz County.

“We’ve seen lots of weird military ordnance over the years,” he said. “I can’t say whether we’ve had one of these or not.”

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By its shape and form, that is a mortar shell, not a rocket. Mortars have a single charge that is expended entirely within a mortar tube the expanding gasses hurl the shell up in an arc to land on / near a target.
A rocket has a propellant that expends itself mostly OUT OF the launch tube, resulting in a accelerating device that can overtake airplanes or "reach out and touch" a distant tank or other target.
A little bit of research would have found this and not made the newspaper look ignorant

Skoobie the article..."The military officials described the weapon as a M405 training rocket." The reporter was told by the OFFICIAL that it was a training ROCKET. I'm not saying your wrong about what it might be (I actually agree with your assessment) but to call the paper ignorant because they quoted a military official about the nature of the device is just dumb.

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