Get your earplugs ready — Gordon Ramsay, the brash, foul-mouthed celebrity chef is heading to Longview next month.

Fox studios confirmed Tuesday that Ramsay will film an episode of “Hotel Hell” at the historic Monticello Hotel June 7-11. The network is remaining mum on many details, but Fox officials are taking reservations for both the hotel and restaurant during the filming.

Ramsay will visit the Monticello as part of the show’s second season. He’s on a mission “to fix some of America’s most horrendous hotels, troubled inns and struggling resorts, many of which are on the brink of closure,” according to a Fox press release.

Ramsay, and the show, were invited to the hotel by owner Philip Lovingfoss and manager Ginger Allred. They’re huge fans of the show and said in March that they felt being on the show would be a great way to boost the hotel, which celebrates its 90th anniversary in July.

The hotel, which once was the city’s social hub but which has struggled in recent years, includes apartments and commercial office space, three luxury hotel suites, a restaurant, cocktail lounge, banquet facilities and an adjacent 20-room motel.

Lovingfoss and Allred couldn’t be reached Tuesday, but in March Allred said she was “99 percent certain” they’d be chosen based on initial talks with producers. She joked they already were preparing for Ramsay’s profanity-laced rebukes.

“I’m sure I’m going to get reamed on, but the bottom line is he’s going to give us valuable pointers,” Allred said. “And the end of the show is always good.”

“Am I preparing myself?” Lovingfoss asked with a chuckle. “I’m sure there will be some swearing, but it’s all in fun, I’m sure.”

Allred said the Monticello is the “jewel of the city” and just needs some outside perspective and expertise to make it shine once more.

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More than a little swearing, he's gonna make you cry. Be sure to let him know there's a growing vegan community who would love a place with more choices. :-)


Here, here on a variety of healthy, vegetarian and vegan options, Stella!


Well, this will be fun to watch. Let's see if the Hotel Monticello FINALLY gets its act together (but I'm not holding my breath)...

No Nickname

If you need a vulgar outsider and camera crews to tell you how to run your business, then you probably shouldnt be in that business to begin with. Further most of these places fail after the public is shown how your "bad habits" translate into customer care. Best of luck but this is truly a joke.


A complete waste of time.


@no nickname....I'm pretty sure the camera crews have no say but I guess we'll see. I'm very curious about where you get your information that "most of these places fail after the public is shown...etc". You seem bitter. I'm not so sure it's a waste of time either. If I owned a business like the MH I'd be open to all things and that is what would make me a good business owner. Good for them and good luck!

No Nickname

Google search the success rates of Kitchen Nightmares and Restaurant Impossible. I know for a fact most consumers would not return to a place where months after the remodel the owners become complacent again and allow roaches to crawl over your steak. Bitter? Hardly. I dont need to be told how to run my businesses and be ridiculed on TV to be successful at them. This landmark has become a disgrace and will stay that way after the nation spends an hour cringing and laughing at it. Enjoy :)


Oh, ye of little faith...there is always hope.

No Nickname

I have faith - that one day the building will be razed. After all, to quote those blindly supporting the school mergers and closings, its just a building right?


Ok I did the Google seach! Kitchen Nightmares Season 4 11 of 14 are still open. Season 5 9 of 12 open Restaurant Impossible Season 5 11 of 14 still open. I don't see the problem. I don't expect people across the nation to come running to Longview to eat at the HM. I do hope the owners follow any suggestions he makes that are viable to this area. As far as this landmard becoming a disgrace I disagree. It's old and needs improvement so the community can embrace it again.


"Anything that can be asserted without evidence can be equally dismissed without evidence."


The last time I dined at the hotel, a patron brought his dog into the restaurant. No way was this a "service animal"--yet, when I asked the management to have it removed, they did nothing, so I left. I refuse to dine at PetCo...


Just another opportunity for outsiders to point and laugh at the local people... and yet another disgrace for the region....great.


The negative comments only reflect the large negative outlook a lot of people in Longview have. I think it's very exciting and wish the best for the Monticello Hotel and am really looking forward to having this landmark featured on a national show! Kudos to the owners for wanting help!

Papillon are truly lacking in Wisdom. In Europe people take their dogs into restaurants all the time. Dogs are cleaner than many adults. What do you think you are going to catch from a dog anyway, just plain uninformed you are.
The Monticello Hotel owner is who needs the makeover. The venue is great, fabulous art in the foyea, nice bar and dining room. Some decorative changes could be made and the kitchen has good food but lousey service. I did have one male waiter who wat great!!


Do the research, "just sayin'". Do you clean your rear end like dogs do?. Do you eat your feces? If you want to eat with animals, that's your business--I'm certain the Humane Society will have a kennel and a trough for you...


And here's another bit of wisdom on which you may gnaw, "just sayin'": you mentioned Europe as a haven for people who revere dogs. Well, did you know that the Swiss consume canines? So, how would you prefer yours to be prepared--well done, or on the rare side...?

grow old timber

As a childhood resident, who used to deliver newspapers in that area,
Later I had a chance to work on the refrigeration in the basement and it was not so old.They got rid of the sawdust burner heating system. Remember the pile alongside in the 60's?
I look forward to seeing the old place again even on the TV, from Chef Ramsays' perspective.
The rest of you negative Longview residents need to get out of the fumes of the mills it's affecting your outlook on life. Live it up life's short.


Yeah, what he It seems like they would want the best for one of our citys grand landmarks. What could it hurt? Be positive people...gees

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