In a surprise move, the Kelso City Council ousted longtime Mayor David Futcher Tuesday night and replaced him with Nancy Malone.

Futcher, an accountant, will continue to serve as a city councilman, but he will relinquish the council’s leadership role to Malone.

The City Council elects the mayor from among its ranks every two years.

The changing of the guard came quickly. Councilman Larry Alexander nominated Malone; Councilwoman Kim Lefebvre nominated Futcher.

The council voted on Alexander’s nomination first, and Malone got four votes: her own, Alexander’s, Jim Hill’s and Jeff McAllister’s. With a four-vote majority secured, there was no reason to vote on the motion to retain Futcher.

Lefebvre will serve as deputy mayor.

Look for an expanded report Wednesday on and in the Thursday print edition of The Daily News.


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