About 350 unemployed people in Cowlitz and Wahkiakum counties will likely lose their extended federal jobless benefits Dec. 28, the state’s Employment Security Department reported Thursday.

The benefits are set to expire because Congress did not include the $25 billion Emergency Unemployment Compensation program in its budget deal, announced Thursday.

Democrats fought to extend the benefits for the third year in a row, but they ended up being too costly to be included in the budget deal, according to congressional observers.

Currently, unemployed people in Washington are eligible for a total of 63 weeks of unemployment benefits. The federal cuts would drop that total to 26 weeks.

Statewide, about 25,000 Washington residents stand to lose unemployment benefits Dec. 28, according to Employment Security.

Agency workers are using email, phone calls and direct mail to inform people of the cuts.

The Daily News, Longview, Wash.

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HMMMM. Do any of you old fogeys remember 13 weeks and pray for a 13 week extension? 63 weeks??


I remember 6 months with a 2 week extension. I was motivated to find employment as I was raised to believe that my fellow man didn't owe me the gravy train. There are jobs out there, sometimes we have to jump down off our pedestal and accept positions we are over qualified for or simply don't want. How bad does a person want to feed their family and still have some pride and dignity knowing that they support them


It's very true that some get all-too-accustomed to unemployment benefits. But it CAN be very difficult for some to find work. I lost my job in '08. I turned in 63 resumes/applications while unemployed. I was willing to accept much less but was often turned down for being "over qualified". And despite 30 years experience in my field ws often turned down for lack of a college education. And, though no employer admitted this outright, I'm quite sure being over 50 put me at a disadvantage


Cont'd: These days there are far more job seekers than jobs. Employers are in the catbird seat and have the luxury of being VERY selective. And some companies are hiring but won't even accept an application from someone who is currently unemployed! All I'm saying is that plenty of people ARE looking to get off the dole but it isn't always as easy as simply "getting off your pedestal". I know several over-50 people who are having extreme difficulties getting hired. I got a break, others haven't


Also, in 2008/2009 (probably different nowadays) you were *encouraged* by the UE staff to apply for work "comensurate with your pay and experience" until, basically, all hope was lost and then it was "take anything". I was making $100k/year and 6 months later was litterally a day away from starting an $10/hour job as a shipping clerk. But, lucky me, my phone call came thru. Somebody gave me a break and I got $43k/year job. So, spare me the "get off your pedestal" sermon :-)


I'm over 50, over qualified, and underpaid. First day out beating the street I had 3 interviews lined up for working in big box stores at minimum wage, part time, and no benefits. I accepted whatever came my way. I hated my jobs and was ashamed to be seen by people that I knew but grateful that I could


hum my friend is 62 and i am 57 and we both recently fou7nd very lucrstive paying jobs,ya just got to be willing to go were the work is.they can not find enough skilled trades people here.plus they just hired 20 labors at over $23 an hr.i offered to get my nephew on but he would rather stay in lv/kelso at minimum wage than move.so get off your pedestal and look outside your comfort zone,longview/kelso are dieing on the vine


Good on you, 3-cents, but just remember that for every one like you there's also someone like me..... who busted his/her *^*# trying to get work but didn't meet with sucess as quickly. It wasn't from lack of trying or an unwilligness to settle for much less. That said, I fully acknowledge that some people milk the system. And some others simply have given up.


Old Irish. I'm laughing in a sarcastic way at my "success". I'm still looking for one better job and going to college. Juggling my 3 "careers" is a pain as scheduling often conflicts. My circumstances are not fun but who knows, maybe I will need unemployment at a later date. I hope its


Its there.


I'm glad to hear that my free-loading, benefit cheating, laugh at the system brother in law won't be getting any more. Going to school full-time, a spouse who makes a ton as an RN. It's a joke, and I'm paying for it.


techi50, you're right. Sometimes you gotta move. Some people can't, and it's not because they're "on a pedestal". They have no money to do it. My daughter just moved from WA to AZ 2 weeks ago. In all, $5000. Lots of unemployed people don't have that kind of money. There's lots of different people out there with lots of different circumstances. The fact that I ended up OK was, in large part, pure luck. I never forget how easily things could've gone the other way. There but for the grace of god...


Transplant, I, too know some people who milk the system. So, while we celebrate that those like your brother-in-law are being cut-off the gravy train, our little happy dance should be tempered by knowing that many people who actually need the benefits are being cut-off right along with him. That's nothing to smile about. Well, not for me, at least.


So what I am gathering from this comment thread, and a large number of worthless citizens, is that I should work hard and climb the ladder so that you can do nothing and abuse the system. Unemployment benefits are something important, but they are not a right that you have. We need to revamp the system and make it so that the only people that are collecting are worthy and weed out the abuse. This is not something anybody should get long term, but a short hand out to get you back on your feet.


Sand, I think all of us would support more oversight to weed out the abusers. I certainly do. But I'm not OK with cutting * everyone * off because * some* people abuse the system. Are you? As for "how long", well, in rosy economic times a shorter period is called for. Right now we're just barely creeping out of the crisis. Don't forget that job seekers outnumber available openings 3-to-1


How sad that the majority of the few that post here are such pathetic bottom feeders! It amazes me how easily people will devour each other at the drop of a hat. Even Paul Ryan admits he got 70% of everything he wanted. He made sure the tax loopholes for the rich and the corporations remain intact. He made sure that Veterans pensions were cut and of course he did not agree to extend benefits for the unemployed. http://www.hughhewitt.com/wp-content/uploads/12-16hhs-ryan.mp


Of course this will only affect 1.3 million Americans and over 400,000 children. It will save about 25 million or one million more than congress already cost us for the needless government shutdown. Then next month it will have an even bigger effect. I hope that all who write here enjoy the same optimistic and charitable wishes over this Christmas season as they have left here. Now go attack some more poor people!

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