Justin Ferrell and Jessica Hudson are family people.

“We’ll never stray from our roots, both in our personal life and our business,” Ferrell said.

“That’s what makes us strive,” Hudson added.

The Longview couple started their first business, Errand Boy Delivery Service, in June. On first opening, the venture was intended to provide delivery of anything and everything. But pretty quickly, Ferrell and Hudson found a niche in restaurant delivery.

“People can get online, find a menu, call the restaurant and order to go, and then they call us and we go pick it up, pay for it and deliver it,” Ferrell said. All general restaurant deliveries carry a flat fee of $10.

The next chunk of their business deals with grocery shopping. The couple will take any grocery list, big or small, and negotiate the aisles and checkout lines so customer don’t have to. For this service, they charge $10 plus 8 percent of the total bill.

Right now, both Ferrell and Jessica work full time while raising children, making running a business a bit of a balancing act.

“She works nights at Safeway and delivers during the day,” Ferrell explained. “And I do the books at night and work (at Advanced Sewer and Drain) during the day.”

The two are hoping to grow their business enough so Ferrell can work on Errand Boy full time. He enjoys making the deliveries, talking with customers and providing service.

“When I talk to customers, it’s important that you’re not stiff with them,” Ferrell said. “You talk to them as if you’ve been there 100 times or as if they’re family.”

Most of the customers the couple deliver to on a regular basis invite them in, Ferrell said. “We actually put the food on the table and they pay us right there,” he said. “Instead of standing at the door like the pizza guy.”

The couple has also gotten their first big delivery contract from Hop and Grape on 15th Avenue as well, doing large catering deliveries to local companies and events.

The couple recently delivered and worked a large wedding in Astoria with more than 300 guests. Not only did they deliver the food in coolers, and set up the food, they helped serve, too.

“It was a first for us,” Ferrell said. “But it was really cool. It was fast paced.” They’re still hoping for a bit more work and have their eyes on securing additional delivery contracts with local restaurants.

The couple is also going to have more work after Thanksgiving—that’s when their third child is due.

“I’m hoping and praying I’m not in the hospital on Thanksgiving,” Hudson said.

“Or else I’ll be delivering food,” Ferrell joked.

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