With one high kick, Logan Bledsoe defeated a purse snatcher and rescued his partner, Tiare Balboa, in the "Career Wear" segment of the Mr. and Miss Lumberjack pageant at R.A. Long High School on Tuesday night.

What's his career? Superhero, of course.

Fun and frivolity is a trademark of the mock beauty pageant, held annually since 2005. But it has a serious purpose: all the money raised went to help the family of Myah McElligott, who has been diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumor.

A short video during the event showed the spunky 4-year-old saying she was going to "kick cancer's butt."

Originally for boys only, this year the student organizers expanded it to a couples event without losing any of the comedy.

The boys modeled sportswear, swimwear and career wear, and they demonstrated a talent of their choice. The girls competed in three events. Together the seven couples modeled formal wear.

R.A. Long senior Jordy Mertz, who has organized the pageant for three years, said she and principal Rich Reeves thought up ideas for the competitions, but all the contestants invented their own acts.

Crowd-pleasers included Beto Gonzales dancing, Marcos Vazquez as a mad scientist with a smoking beaker, Ryan Dahl eating pie, Keigan Romines playing air guitar and Bledsoe and Vazquez fighting with light sabers in the dark.

Balboa said Bledsoe as superhero was her favorite.

"I was Goku, the legendary super saiyan," Bledsoe said after the pageant.

Judges awarded points in each category, with a maximum of 400.

Crowned Mr. and Miss Lumberjack, with 330 points, were seniors Logan Bledsoe and Tiare Balboa. Runners-up were Marcos Vazquez and Cassidy Harding (329) and Ryan Dahl and Tori Almos (315).

Dahl, who competed last year, and Almos were the top money-raisers with $827.

Mertz said the event raised $3,259 for the McElligott family, the most in pageant history.

"We never made over $1,500 since the event began in 2005," she said.


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