The Mount St. Helens Hiking Club holds several hikes each month. For more information and the meeting place for car-pooling, contact the hike leader listed or visit

E is easy, M medium and S strenuous.

July 14: Blue Lake-Castle Lake. (S). Hike 15 miles roundtrip with 4,500 feet elevation gain, past South Fork Toutle River to Castle Lake in seldom visited part of Mount St. Helens Monument. Jerry, 577-8992.

July 16: South Siouxon Creek (M). Hike up to 8 miles with 700 feet elevation gain along Siouxon Creek with multiple waterfalls and creek views. Karin, 578-0677.

July 21: Badge Peak and Lake. Hike 11 miles roundtrip with1,600 feet elevation gain. Panoramic views of Shark Rock Scenic Area and Dark Divide. Bruce, 425-0256, and Dan, 578-2849.

July 23: Coweeman Dike and Kelso Hills. (E) Hike dike for 2-3 miles or (M) Kelso Hills for 4+ miles with 300-400 feet elevation gain. (E) Trudy, 414-1160, and Becky, 560-4170; (M) Belinda, 577-4218.

July 28: Lost Hat Lake. (S). Hike 11 miles roundtrip with 2,000 feet elevation gain in Goat Rocks Wilderness. Jerry 577-8992& Pat 225-7232

July 31: Burnt Bridge Creek Trail. Hike 3+ miles or bike 16 miles on paved surface with some minor hills in Vancouver. Grandpa Bob, 636-4575, and Joan and Rebob, 636-2547.

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