Comics Wens
J.J. Patching created a page for the comic concocted by students in a workshop at RAL Wednesday. Joan Enders / For The Daily News

Many students were nominated to come to the Comics 101 for the opportunity to expand their drawing and writing, and others were encouraged to come.

Comics 101 is a workshop for kids who want to expand their drawing criteria and are interested in writing books. Darren Davis of Bluewater Comics, based in Vancouver, told students that working on comics in teams helps to get a foothold in the business and helps them put together comics and organize work.

The kids were supposed to be broken into teams, but instead the whole group came up with ideas for a comic that had a main character, the side kick, the woman the main character falls in love with, and the main nemesis.

After the characters were created, Davis asked the group of students to draw up what they thought each character looked like.

Then the story plot began to unfold. The main character, Chase Leonardi, started out getting beat up before a field trip to the zoo where he met his future best friend and sidekick Mufasta, who was secretly a lion.

Darren Davis came to the school of his own choice after he and Mrs. Enders met and began talking. Since he knows that kids tend to draw instead of work in their classes, he decided that he would come and talk about comics and his novels.

Nearly any age can produce and publish comics, or even graphic novels, Davis said. Graphic novels are more in depth comics that are usually bound like a book rather than being stapled.


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