Rocking Chair: Jackal and Hen, A tale from Lesotho, Africa

2011-05-29T20:45:00Z 2012-01-10T11:35:50Z Rocking Chair: Jackal and Hen, A tale from Lesotho, AfricaBy Leslie Slape / The Daily News Longview Daily News
May 29, 2011 8:45 pm  • 

Once upon a time Hen saw Jackal coming. She hurried to the top of a stack of wheat so she could eat the grain - and be safe from Jackal.

"Oh dear, oh dear, the Jackal is coming," Hen clucked. "Jackal makes me so nerrrrrvous, so nerrrrrvous."

Jackal loped to the stack and looked up at Hen.

"Hello, Mother Hen! How are you feeling today?"

"Hellooo Brother Jackal, hellooo," Hen replied. "I'm feeling gooood, very good, how are yooooooou?"

"I'm doing very well, Mother Hen, thank you for asking," Jackal said. "It looks like you're enjoying a delicious lunch up there."

"Yes, I aaaaaaam, I am," she replied.

Jackal's mouth watered as he looked at Hen, so plump and juicy. He couldn't climb up the slippery wheat, so he decided to trick Hen into coming down to him.

"Mother Hen, have you heard the great news?" he asked. "There is peace among everybody on earth! It was just announced today. Animals will no longer be allowed to catch, bite or eat each other, because of the peace."

"Peeeeeeeeace? Peeeeeeeace? Did I heeeeeear you correctly, Jackal?"

"Yes, Mother hen, you did indeed," Jackal said. "The animal chiefs called a big meeting and they decided there would be peace on all the earth."

Hen fluttered her wings in confusion, unsure if Jackal could be trusted.

"Oh deeeeear, oh deeeear, what to dooooo?" she clucked to herself.

Jackal flashed a friendly grin.

"Isn't it great?" he said. "There has never been such a big peace. Why don't you come down here to celebrate? I'm getting a crick in my neck looking up."

He began to drool again, thinking of a drumstick.

But instead of coming down, the Hen looked across the field.

"What are you looking at?" Jackal asked.

"A pack of dogs running this waaaaaaaaaay," Hen replied. "It's a goood thing there's peeeace among the animals. There's no daaaaaanger."

Jackal leaped in terror.

"I just remembered, I have a lot of work to do!" he cried. "Goodbye!"

"Why are you afraaaaaaaid?" Hen called after him. "Didn't you just tell me the animal chiefs had a big meeting of peeeeeace?"

"I don't think the dogs came to the meeting!" Jackal shouted as he ran away.

The Hen fell back on the wheat, laughing.

"Buc-buc-buc-bacaw!" she clucked. "I thought so! Jackal was trying to foooool me. But I fooled him instead!"

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