770 11th Avenue | PO Box 189
Longview, WA 98632 | 360-577-2500

Lobby walk-in hours: Monday-Friday 8am to 4pm

Management Team

Rick Parrish, Publisher 360-577-2505 Email Rick Parrish
Lauri Grimes, Controller 360-577-2576 Email Lauri Grimes
Marina Mason, Home Delivery Manager 360-577-2530 Email Marina Mason
Steve Quaife, Retail Advertising Manager 360-577-2559 Email Steve Quaife
Marianne Chambers, Advertising Manager 360-577-2562 Email Marianne Chambers

Business Office

Diana Moore, Assistant Controller 360-577-2583 Email Diana Moore

Circulation and Subscriber Services

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Please use the numbers below to reach our circulation department.

Circulation Customer Service 877-767-5187
Katherine Ward, District Manager 360-578-7682 Email Katherine Ward
Anna Jeffers, Assistant District Manager 360-577-2589 Email Anna Jeffers
Breanna Bishop, Assistant District Manager 360-577-2588 Email Breanna Bishop
Carrier Hotline, Circulation Department 360-577-2579


Andre Stepankowsky, City Editor 360-577-2520 Email Andre Stepankowsky
Nancy Edwards, Community News Editor 360-577-2544 Email Nancy Edwards
Shari Phiel, Online Editor 360-577-2510 Email Shari Phiel
Joshua Hart, Sports Editor 360-577-2527 Email Joshua Hart
Rick McCorkle, Sports Reporter 360-577-2529 Email Rick McCorkle
Jason Leskiw, Sports Reporter 360-577-2528 Email Jason Leskiw
Marissa Luck, Reporter 360-577-2539 Email Marissa Luck
Rose Lundy, Reporter 360-577-7828 Email Rose Lundy
Jackson Hogan, Reporter 360-577-2532 Email Jackson Hogan
Zack Hale, Reporter 360-577-2523 Email Zack Hale
Ross Hight, Copy Editor 360-501-2708 Email Ross Hight
Rob Schubert, Copy Editor 360-577-2586 Email Rob Schubert
Mike Yantis, Copy Editor 360-577-2531 Email Mike Yantis
Bill Wagner, Photographer 360-578-7694 Email Bill Wagner


Michelle Carr, Sales Rep 360-577-2554 Email Michelle Carr
Ava Hurse, Classified Rep 360-577-2565 Email Ava Hurse
Kyler Roden, Sales Rep 360-577-2551 Email Kyler Roden
Jeremiah Roffler, Sales Rep 360-577-2556 Email Jeremiah Roffler
Dawn Johnson-Deal, Obituaries, Engagements, Weddings, Anniversaries 360-501-2700 Email Dawn Johnson-Deal
Legal ad placement 360-577-2565 Email
Madison Raymond, Sales Rep 360-577-2558 Email Madison Raymond

Creative Services

Barbara Chapman, Graphic Designer 360-578-7686 Email Barbara Chapman

Misc. Numbers

Newsroom Hotline 360-577-2585
Sports Toll Free 800-937-2673
TDN Toll Free 800-341-4745

Fax Numbers

Accounting 360-578-3866
Classified Advertising 360-577-2584
Newsroom 360-577-2538
Retail Advertising 360-577-2536