Dorothy J. Olson to Gale Wain Lt. Partnership — 258 25th Ave., Longview $89,711.43

Katherine L. Demarest to Ludger Woehrmann and Deborah E. Brink — 3951 Columbia Heights Road, Longview $265,000

Kristi M. Barber to Shayna Abraham — 4719 Pine St., Longview, $82,000

Albert F. Johnston to Ralph B. Earwood — 2985 38th Ave., Longview, $225,000

Sara and Robert J. Rhoten to Kristina A. Moore — 1757 Loganberry St., Woodland, $189,000

Hai Ning Inc. to Thomas D. Woodring — 303 23rd Ave., Longview, $120,000

Paul E. Torres to Casey A. Royer — 241 Ham Road, Ariel, $102,000

David G. and Gail L. Dunnam to Paul T. and Angela M. Kerr — 1008 N. 19th Ave., Kelso, $2215,000

Fiesta Properties LLC to Danny and Brandy Riggio — 11634 Lewis River Road, Ariel, $94,000

John P. Wheatley and Zoe Ann Wheatley to K.C. Larranaga and Stacy Larranaga — 850 Birch St., Kalama, $260,000

Marc L. Kinyon to Norbert F. and Julie A. Homola — 150 Woodale Drive, Kalama, $230,000

Laurel J. Smallwood to Christopher R. and Wendy L. Beecroft — 441 Warren St., Castle Rock, $122,500

Randal S. and Kari Bradshaw to Greg D. and Theresa A. Schoenberg — 650 Council Crest Court, Kalama, $340,000

Wolverine LLC to Sandu N.W. Hospitality — 1500 Atlantic Ave., Woodland, $1,535,000

Charles D. and Erna Surls to Thomas L. and Teresa E. Christensen — 188 Pinkerton Drive, Woodland, $135,000

Charles D. and Erna Surls to Thomas L. and Teresa E. Christensen — 202 Pinkerton Drive, Woodland, $175,000

Anthony J. and Susan M. Fardell to Lisa A. Lessard — 302 Beacon Hill Drive, Longview, $227,450

Frank W. Jr. and Kathy A. Johnston to Ronald R. Adkisson — 2809 Lilac St., Longview, $165,000

Daniel L. Brewer to Terri Glassett — 2136 Sycamore Place, Longview, $255,000

Christopher and Nicole Parshall to Christopher M. and Sarah L. Masten — 130 Meadow Park Court, Woodland, $187,900

Weyerhaeuser Real Estate Development to Robert G. and Sandra D. Kruse — lot 4, survey book 27, page 92, Toutle, $70,300

Fitzpatrick Properties LLC to William D. and Lita C. Hulsey — 368 15th Ave., Longview, $80,000

Colorado Duplexes LLC to William D. and Lita C. Hulsey — 258-260 Colorado St., Longview, $84,900

Fiesta Properties LLC to Leonard L. and Margaret A. Shrulll — 11616 Lewis River Road, Ariel, $95,000

Sherry Lynn Robinson and Alan Jeffrey Koziol to Debra S. McCloud — 2003 Elm St., Longview, $253,000

Anthony L. Nicosia to James W. and Alison K. Taylor — 139 Flagston Drive, Silver Lake, $375,000

Mark A. Davis and Tiahna Davis to Stephen Paul Sande and Kate Lavinia Burdon — 1528 Seventh Ave., Longview, $163,000

JB International LLC to Joseph P. and Shannon L. McMinn — 669 Washington St., Woodland, $110,000

Neal E. and Dolores A. Sargent to Allan L. and Judith N. Schwindt — 35 Burdick Place, Longview, $217,900

Joy Hammar to Brad Godsil — 270 and 272 Colorado St., Longview, $99,300

Joy Hammar to Brad Godsil — 274 and 276 Colorado St., Longview, $99,300

Glenn Osborn and Norma Osborn to River Bend Place LLC — Kelso out lots 579 and 285 D-1, $600,000

Frank O. Wille and Lyna J. Low to James P. and Julie A. Hajek — 107 Villa Road, Kelso, $207,500

Randall S. West to Candy Gibson and Kelly Korhonen — 3672 Lewis River Road, Woodland, $207,000

John L. Martin to Andrew J. and Corinne L. Graham — 364 Insel Road, Woodland, $225,500

Dave's View LLC to Todd A. and Cali P. Benfit — 396 Dave's View Drive, Kalama, $260,000

Kim and Liesel Filkowski to Sean L. Foote — 1064 Eighth Ave., Longview, $97,500

Matthew B. Hearn to Enrique and Lenore Enriquez — 607 24th Ave., Longview, $180,000

Weyerhaeuser Real Estate Development to Pamela J. Reed — lot 11, survey book 27, pages 92-96, Toutle, $120,650

Weyerhaeuser Real Estate Development to David D. Helmers and Donna L. Helmers — lot 13, survey book 27, pages 92-96, Toutle, $140,600

Weyerhaeuser Real Estate Development to James T. and Kathleen S. Gorton — lot 37, survey book 27, pages 92-96, Toutle, $91,000

Homola/Lipka Pineridge LLC to Mark J. and Tamara K. Haskins — 196 Pineridge Drive, Woodland, $250,000

Lyle and Darlene Foister to Gwen Olafsen — 1202 Walnut St., Kelso, $184,000

Lisa M. Verage to Garrett Booth and Irina Pisarchuk — 110 Janice Ave., Longfview $179,700

Greg Hamper and Dawn Hilton to Garrett J. Klein — 222 Ostrander Ave., Kelso, $145,500

Jeremy R. and Renee L. Wassell to Brett and Tifini Wentz — 289 Wildcat Road, Toutle, $219,000

George W. Ford III to Ryan M. Anderson — 11 Shelly Place, Longview, $151,000

Sunshine Family Lt. to Ronald R. Kaps and Debbie S. Kaps and Clare L. Brace and Mildred M. Brace — 608 Main St. W., Kelso, $250,000

Jerry M. and Delrae K. Carroll and Michael E. and Joanne R. Hilton to Brian and Karen Murphy — 151 17th Ave., Longview, $65,000

Harry C. Aitchison to Cypress Duplexes LLC — 214-248 Cypress, Longview $515,000

William R. and Mona Kay James to Michael V. and Shannon D. Herz — 104 Nimmo Road, Kalama, $310,000

Ian L. Smith to Robert L. and Katrina L. Closson — 110 50th Place, Longview $118,000

Donald E. and Maxine E. Barnard to Trust Company of America cfbo Thomas W. Grauer — Killdeer Road, Castle Rock, $180,000

Ronald E. and Roxane J. Ramey to Christian F. Kemp — 3439 Jimmer Place, Longview, $160,000

G. Richard and Donna Geiwitz to Gillette Enterprises Northwest LLC — 253 Bella Vista Road, Kelso, $95,000

George M. Salovich to Lisa M. Verage — 1326 Castleman Drive, Longview, $249,000

Charles W. and Betty M. Bond to David Ernest Victor and Tessa A.D. Riley — 1227, 1229 and 1231 Commerce Ave., Longview, $375,000

David A. and E. Roberta Rogers to Chester E. Miles and Angela M. Comfort — 200 Monroe, Ryderwood, $80,000

Weyerhaeuser Real Estate Development to Philip and Jennifer L. Cappalonga — lot 30, survey book 27, pages 92-96, Toutle, $105,100

Weyerhaeuser Real Estate Development to Philip and Jennifer L. Cappalonga— lot 29, survey book 27, pages 92-96, Toutle, $111,100

Pacific West Timber Co. to Longview Fibre Co. — forest land in Cowlitz County, $275,000

Troy Strand to Jack O. Strand — 3119 Hemlock St., Longview, $110,000

Laura L. Patterson and Maureen L. Hinton to Alice M. Robertson — 2816 Colorado St., Longview, $95,000

Margaret Jeanne McDonald to Traci A. Thornton — 302 Ninth Ave., Kelso, $198,000

James T. and Patricia Ann Hill to Nancy D. and Charles J. Morgen — 3201 Spirit Lake Highway, $1,900,000

Blaine C. and Eileen L. Powell to Cartus Financial Corporation — 1271 George Taylor Road, Silver Lake, $359,000

Curtis Financial Corporation to Allen E. and Lisa G. Garrett — 1271 George Taylor Road, Silver Lake, $359,000

D. Wesley and Winona Davis to Gregory J. and Christy L. Bosch — 326 N. Maple Hill Road, Kelso, $427,500

Russell E. and Megan A. Ellavsky to W. David and Judith K. Walling — 860 Lone Oak Road, Longview, $375,000

Robert E. and Phyllis Powell to C. Brian and Marylyn S. MacDonald — 12 Jeffrey Place, Longview, $375,000

John Slater to Christopher J. and Jodee Ann Despain — 115 Balboa Loop, Kelso, $196,000

Jeffrey and Neili Marozzo to Arnold J. and Lonnie K. Tegelberg — 1208 Ostrander S., Kelso, $290,000

Weyerhaeuser Real Estate Development to Robon F. Stoddard — lot 42, survey book 27, pages 92-96, Toutle, $64,600

Michael P. and Valerie R. Jensen to Nolan T. and Rachel N. Byman — 3104 Lindsey Drive, Longview, $155,700

Adam C. and Carolyn A. Holloway to Karen Roggenkamp — 7 Liberty Court, Longview, $185,000

Krista L. and Kris W. Plandel to Michael A. Pinto and Audra O. Degg — 106 Balboa Loop, Kelso, $182,900

Brian and Jodi T. Anderson to Bill C. and Carol A. Reeves — 5309 Westside Highway, Castle Rock, $270,000

Timothy K. and Nicole M. Kindell to Christopher C. and Angela M. Wells — 1206 Mount Brynion St., Kelso, $129,000

Barbara A. Cerafici to Mark A. and Tiahna M. Davis — 1309 21st Ave., Longview, $271,400

Richard A. and Patricia A. Wilson to Michelle L. Walton and Daniel A. Dunlap — 325 Confer Road, Kalama, $77,500

David B. Molner and Karen A. Ballard-Molner to Janet Glassett — 2117 Branch Creek Drive, Longview, $180,000

David F. Thelin to Clayton R. Smith — 3119 Garfield St., Longview, $144,000

Cletus B. and Venus D. Baker to Larry A. and Crystal D. Jurgensen — 283 Canvasback Drive, Kelso, $185,000

Derek Joplin to J. Lynell Amundson — 561 20th Ave., Longview, $127,000

Ralph and Laurel Edwards to the City of Kelso — 305 Pacific Ave. S., Kelso, $629,000

Cynthia Moore and Alex Timothy Fromm to Man Ching Yan and Jie Hua Sara Peng — 4300 Hampton Court, Longview, $362,500

Kendra Anne Wyatt to Michael T. and Tracy Hensley — 910 Walker Road, Kelso, $215,000

Bond Development Inc to Lawrence E. and Shari Lee Humes — 801 and 803 Laurel St., Kelso, $166,800

Robert J. and Janet C. Shepard to Cynthia Irene Moore and Alex T. Fromm — 2230 Larch St., Longview, $279,900

Chong H. Slape to Marc Scott Jr. — 205 Alpha Drive, Longview, $140,000

Judith Ann and Melvin Earl Hatfield III to James R. and Ellen N. Kessi — 3131 Dike Road, Woodland, $1,425,000

Daniel and Glenda Young to Robert A. Boyd and Barbara L. Boyd — 14640 Lewis River Highway, Ariel, $189,500

Mark A. and Carol L. Bunker to Jeffrey P. Swofford — lot 3 Day Place, Ariel, $105,000

James and Deborah Fisher to Richard and Mary Serrano — 461 19th Ave., Longview, $120,000

Tony and Lorinda Tang Family Ltd. Partnership to Huntington Properties LLC — 408 Oak St., Kelso, $400,000

Keith E. Moon to Heath and Susan Wiltfong —- 3131 Virginia Way, Longview, $199,000

Tracey L. Williams to Jeffery O. and Alison A. Keith — 4343 Ocean Beach Highway, Longview, $167,900

Stan W. and Amy L. Hedges to Garrett C. and Laura D. Wickham — 1938 Meadowood Loop, Woodland, $222,500

Mary Ann Gold to Gary R. Weston — 802 N. First Ave., Kelso, $85,000

John P. and Zoe Ann Wheatley to Rene J. Vanderbalk and Melissa M. Vandervalk — 120 Feather Ridge Drive, $150,000

Silver Lake Quality Homes LLC to Jeff Oliver and Brenda Oliver — 16 Bairn Drive, Silver Lake, $479,000

Michael D. and Catherine E. Heitz to John and Rebecca Lowsley — 155 Carlon Loop, Longview, $344,000

Paul H. Ross to Richard M. and Donna L. Hendryx — lots 12 and 13, Anderson DLC, parcel No. 60098, Kelso, $125,000

Young Hyun Kim and Chu Hui Kim to Family Daily Store — 1012 N. Pacific Ave., Kelso, $225,000

Palmerrel Properties LLC to MMP Enterprises LLC — 934 Washington Way, Longview, $370,000

Weyerhaeuser Real Estate Development to Regina Choi — lot 39, survey book 27, pages 92-96, Toutle, $91,000

Sandra Lu Surber to Keith E. Moon — 2031 35th Ave., Longview, $146,500

Robert Lee and Janice I. Eastridge to Scott A. Seroshek — 511 Schaffran Road, Castle Rock, $168,000

James R. and Stacy S. Tucker to Tim S. and Robin J. Carns and Richard A. and Annette L. Gushman — 400 19th Ave., Kelso, $130,000

Matthew Gray to Michael D. and Catherine E. Heitz — 3126 Laurel Road, Longview, $253,000

Patrick and Stephanie M. Greer to Derald M. Shelton — 206 Carolina St., Longview, $153,000

Andrew D. and Tracey L. Moore to Tracey Williams — 2349 Jathom Lane, Longview, $267,000

Jerry N. Clark and Ramona D. Clark to Andrew J. Cloke and April Endicott — 824 Nevada Drive, Longview, $122,500

OPG Properties LLC to David A. and Brenda Louise Creagan and Bradley S. and Laurie A. Thomas — vacant land, $750,000


Michael L. Ross and Mark A. Ross, and Michael L. Ross, Mark D. Ross and Diane L. Hause to Richard M. and Donna L. Hendry — property in unincorporated Cowlitz County, $186,450

Marion A. Ferris estate (Howard Ferris, personal representative) to Jeff Brant and Kris Brant — 481 Woodland Park Lane, Ariel, $350,000

Michael Olson and Susan K. Bashor-Olson to Wayne Lencioni — 602 Hillcrest Drive, Longview, $278,000

David Alturner Estate to Laury Heimann — 39 Barr St., Castle Rock, $133,000

Mitchell Wharton to Aaron S. and Paula J. Anderson — 3303 Olive Way, Longview $189,900

Steven K. McNally to Ted W. Hostetter — 250 Olsen Road, Kelso, $120,000

Shan E. and Maribeth Crites to Bruce and Cara J. Harrison — 498 Leckler Creek Road, Castle Rock, $80,000

Gillette Enterprises NW LLC to Troy L. Cordrey and Thompas P. Cordrey Jr. — 813 Insel Road, Woodland, $450,000

Margaret L. Gilbertson to Juan Salcedo — 43 Alpha Drive, Longview, $174,900

George E. Heffner to Mel and Judy Hatfield — 3025 Dike Road, Woodland, $734,087.12

Debra Arnold to N.P. Dodge and N.P. Dodge Jr. as trustee for National Equity Inc. — 1051 Taylor Road, Kalama, $389,000

James C. McBrayer and Mary G. Allen, and Freda J. Wheeler, and Charles R. McBrayer and Judith A. McBrayer to Katherine Steele-St. Jean — 905 Hillcrest Drive, Longview, $263,000

Terry W. Axt and Susan D. Carpenter to Richard E. McCleary and Shannon L. Knott — 1604 Jefferson St., Kelso, $160,900

NP Dodge as trustee and National Equity Inc. and N.P. Dodge Jr. to Phillip Abbett and Janice Renee — 1051 Taylor Road, Kalama, $389,000

Weyerhaeuser Real Estate Development to John H. and Karen L. Kruse — lot 34, survey book 27, pages 92-96, Toutle, $64,000

Barry Stachon to James H. and Sarahjane Thompson — 162 Harrison Road, Kelso, $97,000

Ron D. and Nicole Veach to Robert L. and Collette L. Hurst — 120 Venus Ave., Woodland, $200,000

L. Carlyle and Linda C. Martin to L. Carlyle and Linda C. Martin and Larry D. Olstad and Roberta Kelly — 200 Coyote Lane, Castle Rock, $300,000

Sharon J. Abernathy to Michael J. and Elizabeth O'Gara — 123 Streeter Road, Silver Lake, $275,000

Peter W. Coover to Glen Armstrong and Laverene Armstrong — 1300 Ashland St., Kalama, $249,500

Donna L. Walt to Joel D. Beavers — 2016 Burcham St., Kelso, $103,000

Steelhead Landing LLC to Michael J. and Joan E. Reuter — 405 Riley Court, Toutle, $165,000

Weyerhaeuser Real Estate Development to Mark Lackermayer and Justin M. Kasarda — lot 31, survey book 27, page 92-96, Toutle, $93,600

TSE Inc., a Washington corporation, to Washington Petroleum Group — 1456 California Way, Longview, $500,000

Stephen H. and Katherine M. Keutzer to Paul M. and Patricia Ann McNally — 125 Ship Watch Circle, Kalama, $405,000

Wayne Lee Clark to John H. Bryan — 224 Louise St., Kelso, $149,900

Candy Pfeifer to Steven McNally — 4468 Independence Lane, Longview, $168,000

Ritzenthaler Living Trust to Ned Crippen — 360 20th Ave., Longview, $69,000

Jane F. White to Todd A. Culkins — 4537 Pennsylvania St., Longview, $130,000

Kathe Andre to Ronald E. and Susan A. Pegelow — 5402 Oriole Drive, Longview $182,500

M&H Defrees Mount Solo LLC to Tyson and Jamie N. Raley — lot 38 and 39, Village at Mount Solo, Longview, $84,000

Norma Steibritz to Darlene Blanchard — 216 Cherry Blossom Lane, Woodland, $245,000

Jody Freeman to Marie E. Indergard and James A. and Susan Indergard — 2144 Delameter Road, Castle Rock, $282,900

William L. Kincade to John R. Harris and Sarah L. Voegele — 127 Terumi Lane, Longview, $171,000

Corbett Group LLC to Todd and Jennifer A. Nicholson — 201 Cranberry Road, Castle rocck, $215,000

Ken and Sara Paul to Noel Hendrickson and Tanja Diers — 285 Ambler Road, Ariel, $189,900

David and Brenda Creagan to Michael S. and Martha Cooper — 275 Mohawk Lane, Cougar, $179,000

Walter Ray Chumley Jr. and Bernardine M. Chumley to Jeffrew W. and Kellie M. Stover — 1965 Blacktail Lane, Woodland, $210,000

Andrew Dana Roberts to Sally A. Andrew — 2247 Washington Way, Longview, $153,400

Gail J. Visgar to Andrew D. Roberts — 4746 Windemere St., Longview, $141,000

Chris A. and Cimberlie D. Cogburn to Gail J. Visgar — 4002 Oak St., Longview $199,900

John E. Ward to Christopher A. and Cimberlie D. Cogburn — 101 Wagner Road, Kelso, $259,900

Jose Z. Godinez and Maria De La Luz to Thomas Elwood — 1646 N. Pacific Ave., Kelso, $125,000

Susan Elain Coldwell to Wendy R. Werner — 1127 32nd Ave., Longview, $113,552

Quinn Closson to John R. and Mary C. Bunham Weber — 4658 Ocean Beach Highway, Longview, $211,000

Joyce M. Hickman, Steven W. Birtchert and Gary A. Marsh to Daniel and Donna Britten — 335 Colorado St., Longview $90,000

Raymond P. Compton and Georgeana Compton to Tom Stanton and Stephanie Stanton — 140 Strawberry Lane, Longview, $125,000

Quinn Closson to John R. Weber and Mary C. Buhman-Weber — 4658 Ocean Beach Highway, Longview, $215,000

Rolf A. and Robin D. Erlandson to Beverly A. Smith — 910 22nd Ave., Longview, $220,000

Carl G. Lee to Brenda D. Baker and Kenneth Baker — 257 24th Ave., Longview, $113,999

Michael A. and Amee M. Escamilla to Travis E. and Shannon M. Wickham — 239 Home Town Drive, Kelso, $316,000

Weyerhaeuser Real Estate Development to Chong Sok and Min Mee Kim and John C. Lee and Myung Park — lot 20, survey book 27, page 92, toutle, $107,000

Weyerhaeuser Real Estate Development to James E. and Mary R. Turner and Aaron and April Fleming — lot 26, survey book 27, pages 92-96, Toutle, $63,000

Ron R. Willardson to Kenneth M. and Karen R. Schleimer — 413 Long Ave., Kelso, $89,900

Norman R. McDonald to James T. and Patricia A. Hill — 128 Basswood Drive, Silver Lake, $342,000

Glen Hoyer to Vince Penta and Karen Penta — 1141 Seventh Ave., Longview, $100,000

Samuel Angelo to Brenen G. Palmershiem — 2306 China Garden Road, Longview, $105,000

Todd L. Cooley to Edward C. and Terri L. Sharpe — 111 Sweet Birch Drive, Longview, $303,000

Michael and Joanne Hilton and Jerry M. and Delrae K. Carroll to Ryan A. McGrath — 1401 Ross Ave., Kelso, $85,000

Weyerhaeuser Real Estate Development to John C. Wright and Judith T. Wright — lot 18, survey book 27, pages 92-96, Toutle, $65,075

Grayce Blomberg to Donald E. Fritz and Alison D. King — 160 Ridgecrest Drive, Longview, $149,500

Daniel Thomas to John A. and Jennfer D. Glovka — 1515 N. Third Ave., Kelso, $89,000

Alan D. Clark to Jonathan E. and Brianna M. Sheckard — 141 Canal Road, Toutle, $167,000

Morgan Broderick Inc., a California corporation, to Cascade West Development Inc. — 392 Champion Road, Kalama, $135,000

Class Development N.W. Inc. to Mann B. Tong and Doris M. Tong — vacant land in Kalama, $210,000

Kiwanuka and Maxensia N. Nsubuga to Christopher M. Williams and Dusti Gipson — 4450 Independence Lane, Longview $176,000

Dallas G. and Diana E. Hayryen to Melvyn D. Monk Jr. and Jacqueline M. Monk — 115 Mountain View Drive, Longview, $177,830.25

David G. and Maggie E. Hill to Jeffrey L. and Jill A. Ellenberger — 3802 Gardenia St., Longview, $203,500

Alison Sala Parvati to Rena M. and William A. Conway — 502 Morse St., Ryderwood, $95,000

Janet M. Butler to Jerry W. and Jeannie S. Kenyon — 922 S.W. First Ave., Castle Rock, $190,000

Weyerhaeuser Real Estate Development to Dae and Mai Soon Rhee — lot 35, survey book 27, pages 92-96, Toutle, $69,500

Harold B. and Elizabeth L. Alward to Michael J. and Gail Ruth Kober — 287 Blauser Road, Castle Rock, $258,000

Weyerhaeuser Real Estate Development to Robon F. Stoddard — lot 40, survey book 27, pages 92-96, Toutle, $65,200

Mildred Sprouffske to Scott and Stacie Buchanan — 335 Kirby Ave. N.E., Castle Rock, $159,900

Ronald C. and Karen L. Harris to David and Madeline L. Avery —- 276 Mill Creek Road, Longview $279,000

Craig M. and Kimberly K. Tivey to Harold B. and Elizabeth A. Alward — 157 Chickadee Drive, Kelso, $177,500

Vernie W. Couch III and Amy C. Couch to Nicole Morales — 348 Vivian Road, Kalama, $249,900

Brad G. and Anna K. Zeuge to Gary E. Hall and Anne L. Hall — 10 Jeffrey Place, Longview, $357,054

ABC Pacific Corporation to Land's End of Cowlitz County Inc. — 12 acres of bare land in Kelso, $1,000,000

Steve R. Waite and Michele A. Waite to Chrostopher D. and Maryl K. Hill — 4363 Poplar Way, Longview, $399,000

Martin E. Doble Jr. and Susan R. Doble to Joseph and Karri Wheeler — 980 Rose Valley Road, Kelso, $95,000

Michael W. and Roxanne M. Brady to Ronald R. and Deanna J. Krause — 1001 Sixth Ave. S., Kelso, $138,900

John F. Preston and Kathleen S. Preston to John E. and Laura L. Koehler — 160 Old Mill Creek Road, Longview, $248,900

Michael C. Merz to Exeter 6112 DE LLC — 301 Holly Blvd., Kalama, $135,000

Daniel L. and Jana M. Isaacson to Jonathan Daniel and Dawn Mark — 310 Nevada Drive, Longview, $121,500

Estate of Elizabeth J. Severson, grantor Matthew T. Severson and Scott W. Severson, personal representative, to Anita J. Linehan — 557 19th Ave., Longview, $139,000

Rosie Woods to Carol Bunker — 222 South Dubois Road, Ariel, $94,000

Thomas M. and Joanne M. Comer to David J. and Ellen D. Freeman — 1553 32nd Ave., Longview $159,900

David E. and Kathy C. Maudslien to Rachel F. Alexy — 201 Shintaffer St., Castle Rock, $131,000

Stacy D. and Tamara G. Olson to Jeremy and Lissie Clifford — 3361 Tori Lane, Longview, $179,900

Jack E. and Billie Jean Sawyer to Allen and Majlis M. Shook — 194 Cole Road, Kelso, $375,000

Chris Creagan to Wrigley and Son Homes LLC — 288 Mohawk Lane, Cougar, $144,500

Rob G. Yearian to Scott D. and Jill R. Salmon — property in unincorporated Cowlitz County, $150,000

Nylund Homes Inc. to Maria E. Jasso — 624 Nevada Drive, Longview, $223,000

Todd A. and Brenda K. Holliday to Brian Meacham — 90 Burcham St., Kelso, $139,000

Jeffrey L. Scott and Jana P. Scott to Melissa M. Toll and Beau E. Boudreau — 131 Cedar Falls Drive, Kelso, $240,000

Doris F. Falkenhagen to Suriya K. and Surina Phromnopavong — 3164 Michigan St., Lognview, $139,400

Tammi M. Green and Cathy A. Green to Shawna L. Hood — 656 20th Ave., Longview, $260,000

Weyerhaeuser Real Estate Development to Edward Sheckard — lot 46, survey book 27, pages 92-96, Toutle, $62,000

Weyerhaeuser Real Estate Development to Edwin G. and Irene K. Vetter — lot 28, survey book 27, pages 92-96, Toutle, $104,500

Weyerhaeuser Real Estate Development to Boosung and Jason Jangok Yu — lot 41, survey book 27, pages 92-96, Toutle, $81,000

Darren L. and Janie Darby to James W. and Debbie Fine — 536 Toutle Park Road, Castle Rock, $144,000

Thomas D. and Lillian R. Craig to Shawnell H. and Jeff A. Clark — 1515 Lord St., Kelso, $190,000

Pacific States Investments LLC to Mark J. Doss — 710 Walnut St., Kelso, $70,000

Howard C. Nagle Co. Inc. to Lee E. and Kimberly A. Chambers — 2289 Nicola Lane, Longview, $269,000

Magdelana Trotter to Joseph and Susan K. Orr — 108 Spencer Creek Road, Kalama, $450,000

Paul Henry Enns to Toutle Christian Fellowship — 5057 Spirit Lake Highway, Toutle, $187,958

Anita Hemminger, George Lyon Jr. and Deloris F. Lyon to Terry A. and Jackie L. Curtin — 900 Willow St., Kelso, $83,700

Weyerhaeuser Real Estate Development to Donald Lerdhal — lot 7, survey book 27, pages 92-96, Toutle, $111,000

Weyerhaeuser Real Estate Development to Phillip G. Prutsman — lot 8, survey book 27, pages 92-96, Toutle, $116,850

Aaron S. and Kami L. McKnight to Stephen J. and Magdalena A. Merrill — 6354 Kalama River Road, Kalama, $265,000

Howard C. Nagle Co. to Michael A. and Donna M. Burkart — 2285 Nicola Lane, Longview, $269,900

Ranney R. and Cleo F. Ray to John W. and Grace Burch — 49 Cherry St., Castle Rock, $144,681

Ron D. and Nicole Veach to P.R. Development LLC — 100 Venue Ave., Woodland, $225,000

Martin E. Doble Jr. and Susan R. Doble to Deena M. Johnston — 984 Rose Valley Road, Kelso, $84,000

Victor J. Cianci to Charles and Nancy Morgen and William and Vicki Pace — 1146 15th Ave., Longview, $600,000

Ryan P. and Trinity E. Collins to Tommy Tronson — 146 Avonlee Lane, Kalama, $247,000

Harris Z. and Kathy M. Gottlieb to Matthew A. and Angela B. Barber — 536 23rd Ave., Longview, $140,000

Judith A. Kable to Terry and Christeen Kinney — 500 Cowlitz Way, Kelso, $60,000

Derald Max Shelton to Frank and Brenda M. Grisby — 1024 Oak Point Road, Longview $300,000

Lynne F. McNeal to Richard S. and Susan A. Mourning — 270 17th Ave., Longview, $63,000

The estate of Peggy M. Monroe to Molly Irene Monroe — 1220 Kessler Blvd., Longview, $360,000

Gerald D. and Roberta J. Black to George T. and Shirley A. Willett — 158 Gulf Lane, Silver Lake, $90,000

Monique and Anthony J. Miller to Candace Hansen — 1402 Pacific Ave. N., Kelso, $92,000

Larry A. Sigler to Daniel L. and Jana M. Isaacson — 4994 Oriole Drive, Longview, $140,000

Sheldon and Cindy A. Hawkins to Derald M. Shelton — 93 Burcham St., Kelso, $130,000

Marc Estates to Marcie J. Koker — 215 Raspberry Lane, Woodland, $270,000

Clifford L. Irvin and Carolee J. Irvin to James Dalpias — 240 Sycamore St., Woodland, $190,500

Joe A. and Sharon E. Sarkkinen to Paul M. and Kelli K. Stewart — 167 Lahti Road, Woodland, $168,000

Lyle Lee Handy and Rolane Marie Handy to Andy Moon and Juanita Moon — 6850 Old Pacific Highway, Kalama, $175,000

Robert E. and Nancy K. Schoonover to Joke E. Diender — 202 Taylor St., Ryderwood, $73,000

Shawn P. Davis to Toby E. and Sarah K. Dahl — 180 Beacon Hill Drive, Longview, $195,500

Kay Horn to William D. and Mallory Seaback — 72 Bluff Road, Kelso, $552,000

AMK Inc. to Cynthia J. and Philip D. Poulsen — 1815 Island Drive, Longview, $208,929

Ned W. Harris to Richard and Robin Siragusa — 114 Beacon Hill Drive, Longview, $245,000

Stephen H. Ostling and Angela D. Ostling to Steven Edward Daggett and Angel Lee Daggett — 209 Olive, Kelso, $127,500

Pacific States Investments LLC to Christopher McDonnel — 56 Cherry St. N.W., Castle Rock, $78,000

Fran G. Zarubick to Roger and Erin Kadey — 316 Sunset Drive, Longview, $365,000

Martin K. Hoye and Amanda J. Hoye to Steven Donahue and Robin Donahue — 141 Pebble Lane, Kalama, $372,500

Jan Peter Wolf and Susan L. Wolf to Ronald D. Dewitt — 101 Shenandoah Drive, Silver Lake, $119,500

Laine Lee LLC to Douglas and Dolly Harvey — 209 Hudson St., Longview, $165,000

Jeremy Darr Kirk and Melissa Kirk to Prepula Investments LLC — 1529 Eighth Ave., Longview, $263,750

Jeremy V. Critton to Banner Properties Inc. — 170 Saturn Ave., Woodland, $225,000

Mark A. Bunker, Carol L. Bunker, Clarence Holt and Wilma J. Holt to Manor Homes LLC — 1818 Day Place, Ariel, $102,000

Steelhead Landing LLC to Luke L. Gillette and Deborah J. Gillette — 500 Riley Court, Toutle, $80,000

Edwin I. and Dianne C. Mundel to Dennis and Joyce Stout — 357 29th Ave., Longview, $123,500

Gary L. Janes to Guy and Joann Goebel — 5545 Solo Pointe Drive, Longview, $169,000

Jim and Terry Polette to Marc and Melody L. Kranz — 870 Sandy Bend Road, Castle Rock, $419,947

William D. Langhorst to Jeremy D. Johnson and Jana L. Culver — 104 Sherwood Lane, Castle Rock, $191,200

Don K. and Carolyn Wagner to Dustin E. and Mindy K. Williams — 950 Sandy Bend Road, Castle Rock, $130,000

High Ridge Land Co. LLC to Robert J. Schindler and Patricia Schindler — 125 Eastridge Drive, Woodland, $262,500

Silverland Properties LLC to Adam M. and Dena L. Jurhs — 4617 Olympia Way, Longview, $170,000

Arvin Matz to Sara L. and George D. Evans — 3708 Mount Brynion Road, Kelso, $715,000

Roger L. and Erin J. Kadey to Ted W. Hostetter — 718 Ostrander Road, Kelso, $125,000

Daniel and Melissa Brown to Mark A. and Lori Anne O'Brien — 2447 Paradise Drive, Longview, $375,000

Phillip W. Platt to Timothy and Paula Smith — land in Cougar, $100,000

Kenneth J. and Sara L. Paul to Jane A. Duncan — 6623 Green Mountain Road, Woodland, $205,000

Parrish and Tanya S. Reedy to John C. and Judith T. Wright — 2351 Cypress St., Longview, $169,900

Mortgage Guaranty Insurance to Daniel and Patricia Andrew — 1610 Second Ave., Kelso, $99,000

Ronald C. Sukeforth to Fernando C. and Leila E. Cuglievan — 622 Goble Creek Road, Kelso, $105,000

Rodney C. Thurman to Bond Holdings LLC — 1554 Third Ave., Longview, $475,000

Glen N. Maynard and Vera A. Maynard to Jerry C. Reeves — 3125 Lewis River Road, Woodland, $1,250,000

Charles Neil Kelley to Shawn Raley, Sandra Raley, Rod Nelson and Karen Nelson — 130 Redwing Road, Woodland, $185,000

Walter J. and Anne B. Sosky and Trevor Sosky to Kathy L. Yeo — 302 Third St., Woodland, $275,000

Marcia Bentley to Malding and Leiying Zhang — 3123 Lindsey Drive, Longview, $182,500

Aaron Schweikhardt to Matthew Williams — 303 16th Ave., Longview $92,000

Jay S. Dawson and Laura M. Dodge to Dale Lang — 620 Goerig St., Woodland, $160,000

Jeffrey M. Veys to Cory P. Robinson — Talkeetna Heights Road, Longview, $65,400

Douglas W. and Kirsten I. Sabata to Melissa N. Ferguson and Edwin W. Johnson — 230 Cowlitz St., Castle Rock, $248,000

Katrina I. Stein to Alexis and Eleanor Lessig — 1309 Bowmont Ave., Kelso, $128,000

Stephen H. and Angela D. Ostling to Luke C. Jaspers and Heather N. Evenson — 1532 Ocean Beach Highway, Longview, $130,000

Cascade Construction Co. of Southwest Washington Inc. to John R. and Barbara M. Ingle — 2322 50th Ave., Longview, $271,235

The estate of Donald E. Sharer to James E. and Deborah L. Fisher — 152 Cowlitz Gardens, Kelso, $82,000

Robert Douglas Laymonto Fox C LLC — property in Kalama, $60,000

East Bank LLC to Joseph L. and Shelley D. Pierce — 271 Hillsdale Drive, Woodland, $560,000

George C. Graham to Christopher A. Kincade — 1017 S. Eighth Ave., Kelso, $119,000

Jose G. and Phyllis M. Mendez to Nils Rognlien — 913 S. Eighth, Kelso, $85,000

Duane H. Malcom to Jessica L. Jones — 2206 36th Ave., Longview, $106,000

Arvil M. Bail to Wildred T. Lucier II and Trisha L. Lucier — 354 Masada Drive, Kelso, $299,900

Joseph N. Reichenbach to Richard W. and Diane H. Holt — 1908 and 1914 Dorothy St., Longview, $395,000

Guadalupe and Sandra Martinez to Robert L. and Brenda M. Stanton — 1809 Minor Road, Kelso, $148,900

Troy S. Wagner to Jeffrey D. Papke — 84 River Rock Lane E., Woodland, $205,000

Shelly Osborn to Dennis L. and Lynette M. Martinez — 300 Cole Road, Kelso, $140,000

Gary L. Larson to Bradley C. and Connie J. Hoggatt — 1351 Kalama River Road, Kalama, $170,000

Dale C. Hackett to Curtis Lee Bowers — 2787 Ocean Beach Highway, Longview, $120,000

MCK Enterprises, dba Crown Point Construction, to Evvy R. Cianci — 2006 46th Ave., Longview, $267,000

Wells Drilling LLC to Dustin W. and Beverly H. Waliezer — lot 6, vacant land, Mount Pleasant Road, Kelso, $89,500

Corey J. Smith and Meredith Smith to Troy S. Wagner — 220 Fir Ave., Woodland, $195,000

Alkor Construction N.W. Inc. to Ryan M. and Elizabeth M. Verbrugge — 152 Silverdust Drive, Kalama, $269,000

Ronald W. and Dorothy M. Wools to Patrick and Shonna Remily — 229 Bruno Place, Longview, $192,500

Walter J. and Anne E. Soskey and Trevor Sosky to Kathy L. Yeo — 302 Third St., Woodland, $275,000

AMK Inc. to Robert D. Garifalakis — 1878 Island Drive, Longview, $213,927

Guesthouse Kelso LLC to Dae Woo Lee and Young S. Lee — 501 Three Rivers Drive, Kelso, $3,500,000

Steven G. Smedley and Donna Kay Smedley to Bradley W. Elliott and Debra M. Elliott — 990 South Pekin Road, Woodland, $290,000

Douglas C. and Constance A. Stansbery to David R. Molner and Karen A. Ballard-Molner — 8 Greensview Lane, Longview, $315,000

Sanford and Nita King to Ed Westerdahl III and Joseph and Sandra Morgan — 350 Mohawk Lane, Cougar, $200,000

Dave's View LLC to Roger and Judy Upson — 348 Dave's View Drive 50, Kalama, $295,000

Eugene R. and Dorothy G. Forsberg to Louis and Rosellen Ryczek — 112 Claudia Court, Longview, $175,000

Roy L. and Amelia L. Shetler to Kevin W. and Susanne M. Burchfield — 564 Hall Road, Silver Lake, $204,800

Gillette Enterprises Northwest LLC to Kenneth P. and Kathryn D. Hamilton — 300 Riley Court, Toutle, $439,000

L.C. and Joanne Mary Harford to Guadalupe and Laurence Potter — 239 25th Ave., Longview, $75,000

Kirkland Family Partnership to The Herbrand Co. — property within Cowlitz County, $75,000

Kirkland Family Partnership to Remington Farms LLC — property within Cowlitz County, $75,000

Kirkland Family Partnership to King Creek Ranch LLC — property within Cowlitz County, $75,000

Kirkland Family Partnership to Logbrook LLC — property within Cowlitz County, $75,000

Matthew D. Patterson to Vance Chad Pinson — 121 Fairwood Road, Woodland, $174,900

Weyerhaeuser Co. to Weyerhaeuser Real Estate Development — forest land within Cowlitz County, $4,995,000

Weyerhaeuser Real Estate Development to Mary A. Jaeger-Berreth — lot 1, survey book 27, pages 92-96, Toutle, $160,550

Weyerhaeuser Real Estate Development to Randal and Paula M. Ransom — lot 19, survey book 27, pages 92-96, Toutle, $61,275

Patrick M. and Mary F. Rychel to Jean M. Cowden — 111 Loves Ave., Woodland, $66,000

Darold Whipple to Stan S. Worden — 779 Cedar St., Kalama, $150,000

Madison J. and Rhonda L. Moore to Peggy A. Riebe —- 253 Canvasback Drive, Kelso, $183,000

Jerry M. and Delrae K. Carroll to Mark D. and Tina M. Burt — 1207 N. 13th Ave., Kelso, $72,500

Vandercook Properties LLC to Jerry Lynn Stewart — 94 Donation St., Kelso, $122,500

The heirs and devisees of Catherine Aileen Kelly to John Kelly Beckwith and Carrie A. Kelly — 1320 19th Ave., Longview, $211,200

Dennis W. and Noriko Bahneman to Gerald L. and Kate Brickey — 141 Grandview Terrace, Longview $430,000

Stephen D. and Joanne Rooklidge to Trevor D. Tredennick — 140 Haryu Road, Longview, $479,000

Herbert L. and Lorina Barnett to James M. Courmier — 5 35th Court, Longview, $172,000

James Shawn Roberts to Peter M. Hansen — 947 19th Ave., Longview, $140,000

Aaron Schweikhardt to Matthew Williams — 328 Second Ave., Kelso, $92,000

Robert L. and Angela O. Green to Jeffrey A. and Jessica E. Street — 28 D St., Castle Rock, $146,000

David Lee Swanson to Steven K. and Donna S. Clewett — 416 27th Ave., Longview, $153,000

East Bank LLC to Liv Nation — 286 Hillsdale Drive, Woodland, $169,900

Kimberly A. Harteloo to Paul Wayne and Susan B. Gibson — 136 Longhorn Road, Amboy, $290,000

Albert L. Brumley III to Kenneth L. and Angelia M. Knight — 575 CC St., Woodland, $173,000

Larry J. and Phyllis E. Paden to Donald R. and Gena M. Corbet — 104 Whisper Lane, Silver Lake, $345,000

Harold H. and Lavita N. Hooker to Stephen D. and Joanne Rooklidge — 1402 25th Ave., Longview, $350,000

Sabrina Ellis and Deanna Nugent to Benjamin L. Logan — 1502 Hancock St., Kelso, $170,000

Donna L. Keller to Hussein J. Amhaz — 303 18th Ave., Longview, $88,000

Douglas E. Doane to Daniel J. Doane — 2781 Maryland St., Longview, $134,500

Larry Guy and Lorraine Rogers to Lavita McBrayer Hooker — 2556 Northlake Ave., Longview, $215,000

David R. and Carolyn D. Becker and Darryl G. and Karen A. Becker to Jeff Hendrickson — 198 Milky Way Drive, Woodloand, $850,000

Donald L. and Sandi Milohov to Kathleen R. Butler — 2324 Lee Ave., Longview, $185,000

Michael D. and Patricia Macnamara to Leroy D. and Carolyn Lien — No. 7 48th Place, Longview, $192,000

CitiFinancial Inc. to Marcus A. Cloke — 3202 Mount Pleasant Road, Kelso, $130,000

Steven Dale Provolt to Brandon R. Provolt — 2948 Fir St., Longview, $110,000

Susan Manchester to David B. Beck — 52 Ironwood Drive, Longview, $207,000

Steelhead Landing LLC to Gillette Enterprises N.W. LLC — 283 Cornell Road, Toutle, $115,000

David McAlister, personal representative, to Steve B. Goumas — 900 Sandy Bend Road, Castle Rock, $185,800

Henry W. Smith to Paul and Ruth A. Zemlin — 268 24th Ave., Longview $67,000

Estate of Marian E. Meyer to Sharon Campbell Krupski — 3147 Wildwood Drive, Longview, $219,900

Carol Ann Weir, Thomas Norman Tanner and Paul Reed Tanner to Mitchell E. Wharton — 2933 Lilac St., Longview, $140,000

John and Jo Ann Ostreim to Dawk LLC — bare land in Kelso, $66,100

Gerald E. and Carolyn W. Darnell to Weller L. Davis III and Julia N. Hua-Davis — 1402 19th Ave., Longview, $260,000

Arnold Eric Niemi to Aaron Osmond — 232 Falcon Road, Kalama, $324,000

Clairine J. Meeks to George H. and Virginia M. Ambrose — 313 Monroe St., Ryderwood, $85,000

Kevin A. and Kristina L. Hastings to Frank and Brenda Grisby — 353 21st Ave., Longview, $125,000

Bank One, National Association, to Tim and Bonnie Odle — 151 Alder St., Castle Rock, $88,900

Suzanne M. Johson to Randall G. Abbey — 657 22nd Ave., Longview, $150,000

Kalama Development LLC to Russell E. and Suzanne Prewitt — 715 Waters Watch Road, Kalama, $90,000

Robin L. Enriquez and Penelope A. Tilton and Warren L. Tilton to Richard M. Blackburn — 412 S.E. Kirby Ave., Castle Rock, $159,000

Kurt K. and Elisabeth J. Miller to Dan and Maria Trammell — 3489 Mount Brynion Road, Kelso, $600,000

Ronald Wohl to Steven S. Williams — 200 Eufala Heights Road, Longview, $97,000

James R. and Patricia E. Wright to Carleen J. DeGallier — 1310 River Road 10, Longview, $129,000

Patrick T. Chambers, Doris Leverton, Dorothy Murphy, Dianne Dahl and Donjna Merritt to Roy and Dana L. Slate — 627 23rd Ave., Longview, $90,000

Weyerhaeuser Real Estate Development to Nak J. Lee and Sun Sook Lee — lot 9, survey book 27, pages 92-96, Toutle, $152,500

Roy O. Pennington to Timothy J. LaFollette and Dale A. Benjamin — 373 29th Ave., Longview, $106,000

Jose E. and Maria L. Contreras to Cenovio Meraz M. and Kathryn A. Meraz — 3 35th Court, Longview, $183,000

Eric R. and Joanne L. Pucci to Cindy and Nathan Henifin — 401 N.W. Second Ave., Kelso, $150,000

Guadalupe A. Spray and Sara E. Hanson and Jeanette Nunnecamp to Michael and Lee Foulds — 124 Balboa Loop, Kelso, $172,500

Darbi D. Huffman to Darbi D. Snellman to Paul A. and Tammy L. Hansen — 1521 Lord St., Kelso, $178,000

Twin City Investors LLC to Cindy Henifin and Nathan D. Henifin — 404 Galloway Ave., Kelso, $85,000

August 1-10

Jeffery Walling and Jennifer Walling and William I. and Sandra C. Walling to Kevin Mark Sawyer — 178 Balboa Loop, Kelso, $161,900

Albert R. and Anne E. Johnson to Russell and Kay E. Workman — 260 Adams Drive, Kelso, $225,000

Karen I. Wilson to Anne E. Garvey — 421 25th Ave., Longview, $118,057

Clyde and Wanda Shadiow to Thomas C. Warren — 2677 Maplewood Drive, Longview, $155,000

Clifford E. and Katherine J. Wheeler to Nicholson Enterprises N.W. LLC — 1850 Tower Road, Castle Rock, $130,000

Shawn and Dannette Rogers to Bryan T. and Amber M. Fitzpatrick — 115 Penny Lane, Kelso, $166,495

Susan J. Hedlund to Corey E. and Julie M. Balkan — 3428 Pacific Way, Longview, $140,000

Roland Neal Blake to Bryan J.B. Alexander — 504 Lewis St., Kelso, $104,750

Nathan W. Huckell to Robert T. Chow — 75 River Rock Lane, No. D., Woodland, $180,000

AP Resources LLC to Michael P. Currier and Erin K. Currier — 2034 Spruce Ave., Woodland, $195,000

Daniel S. Fagan to Jeremy Allen Bamer and Crystal D. Kelly — 537 Third St., Woodland, $171,618

Vernon L. Herriott to Casey J. and Traci L. Clemmer — 525 Water Watch Road, Kalama, $128,000

Rex and Patricia L. Luff and Marian C. Zemke to Melinda Ann Spurgeon — 3703 Pacific Way, Longview, $190,000

Rae McCaw to Christian D. and Christine M. Larson — 120 Holly Park St., Longview, $192,000

Devon Investment LLC to Husum Enterprises LLC — 1380 Atlantic Ave., Woodland, $3,230,000

Dennis W. Graham to Uldis L. and Kathleen M. Lauzis — 2554 Terry Ave., Longview, $168,000

Cougar RV Park and Campground LLC to Ronald K. and Iola S. Isbey — commercial property in Cowlitz County, $275,000

John B. and Linda P. Leonard to Byron T. and Jennifer K. Brown — vacant land in Cowlitz County, $242,000

Dan V. Foister to Kenneth and Erin Thompson — 240 Evergreen Road, Kelso, $150,000

Stacy J. Foley Inc. to Rockford Homes Inc. — seven lots, Cedar Glen subdivision, Woodland, $770,000

Kalama Development LLC to Jefferson V. Fahey and Margaret A. Peterson — 140 Victoria Circle, Kalama, $140,000

Nylund Homes Inc. to William D. and Melissa A. Noah — 2016 Mount Brynion Road, Kelso, $375,000

MCK Enterprises to Victor J. Cianci — 2008 46th Ave., Longview, $267,000

The estate of John Irby and Darlyn Irby to Michael A. and Cecily Mitchell — 2113 Ocean Beach Highway, Longview, $160,000

Daniel A. and Brenda R. Miller to Beverly Bowman — 119 Key Road, Castle Rock, $179,900

John Petty to Halina Lewandowski — 409 Comanche Drive, Castle Rock, $77,900

Derold T. and Irene N. Olson to Joel Stirling — 135 Wyman Road, Woodland, $330,000

Richard C. and Erma H. Wolever to Mathew D. and Amanda J. Smith — 800 China Garden Road, lot 3, Kalama, $69,900

Wilma J. Spreadborough to Pete C. Meyers II — 333 D. St., Castle Rock, $65,000

Dennis and Debbie Beveridge to Charles A. Paine — 165 Saturn Ave., Woodland, $237,000

Daniel Frantsvog and Phyllis Frantsvog to Scott A. Bean and Julie C. Bean — 524 Larue St., Castle Rock, $145,000

A.C.T. Builders LLC to Gerardo R. Melgar — 110 Surfview Drive, Kelso, $364,111

Gary L. Scroggins to Jonathan Y. Wong — 3029 Pershing Way, Longview, $203,000

Pete White to Mike Lerner — (no address) Sylvan Way, Longview, $270,000

Ursula Stilts to Abbie Lee Eldred — 1055 Holcomb Road, Kelso, $154,000

Advance Land and Timber Co., Jeffrey D. and Tracy L. Edgell and Timothy T. Lapham to Paul Rabino and Fermer T. Lukban — lot 3 of short subdivision No. 3304684, Kelso, $66,000

Guy O. and Ruby M. Anderson to Roland Niel Blake — 4 Avellana Ave., Longview, $240,000

Judd E. and Lisa J. Jones to Andrew R. Wodnik — 2902 Dover St., Longview, $128,900

Linda J. Hartwick to Michael and Kathy Lipford — 3134 Laurel Road, Longview, $247,000

Robert R. and Tammy S. Peonio to Steven A. Reddington — 240 Shoreview Drive, Kelso, $262,000

Herbert V. Bohl to Laine & Lee LLC — 838 Cloverdale Road, Kalama, $630,000

John C. Wright and Judith Turena Wright to Jack B. and Michele A. Wallace — 22 Curtis Lane, Longview $299,000

David R. Collicott Jr. to Robert L. and Kimberly A. Bennett — 303 Ward Road, Longview, $179,000

Calvin O. Harris and Sabrina Harris to Kenneth L. and Melissa A. McFarland — 221 St. James Place, Longview, $321,500

Charles Thomas Myklebust Jr. to Brandon William Coates and Brianne Skreen — 1714 23rd Ave., Longview, $230,000

Tri Tex Inc., WATA Castle Rock Stihl Inc. to B-Kenn LLC — 359 Front St., Castle Rock, $250,000

Weyerhaeuser Real Estate Development Co. to Gulamabbas H. Juma — lot 22, survey book 27, pages 92-96, Toutle, $61,000

Kenneth M. and Sara Jo Kramer to Gary E. and Verna Elaine Schimmel — 1219 N. Third Ave., Kelso, $135,000

Sang B. Chang to Pil Ho and Hong Sun Shin — 135 Huntington Ave., Castle Rock, $700,000

Richard L. and Lynn E. Benson to Tareq Amhaz — 1416 11th Ave., Longview, $148,000

Gene L. Wale and Ruth Hope Wale to Gene L. Wale Jr. and Kerry A. Wale — 3314 Pine St., Longview $240,000

Robert C. and Susan F. Meyers to David V. and Karen L. Shoddy — 130 Beasley Road, Kelso, $96,900

James E. and Mary R. Turner to Curtis W. Richards — lot 26, Silver Lake Forest Reserve, Toutle, $97,000

Blayde M. and Rosalie N. Miller to Christopher A. Coates and Hollie C. Jabusch — 531 20th Ave., Longview, $165,000

Cindy Henry to Derald M. Shelton — property in Longview, $100,000

James H. and Phyllis L. Bass to The Avis L. Moses Living Trust — 910 21st Ave., Longview, $187,000

Gabriel D. and Kara J. Hart to Robert Lee and Amanda R. Johnson — 134 Charles St., Longview $191,000

Paul D. Ojalehto and Thelma L. Ojalehto to Benjamin A. Byman — 617 Stella Road, Longview, $250,000

Fiesta Properties LLC to Steven B. Madsen and Janet L. Madsen — 11610 Lewis River Road, Ariel, $85,000

Arthur Lee and Karen M. Corcoran to Troy A. Strand and Susan K. Sherwin — 704 N. Seventh, Kelso, $156,800

Clark C. and Barbara L. Gould to Joseph Skovron — 920 George Taylor Road, Silver Lake, $85,000

Justin Lee to Patrick and Claudia Moore — 1960 Black Tail Lane, Woodland, $203,500

Kirk D. Osborn to Eugene and Tatyana Kravets — 1958 Meadowood Loop, Woodland, $221,900

Lonnie R. and Sara M. Dykstra to Desiree Settle and Brett Lafever — 217 Red Row, Kelso, $134,000

Mathew L. Gwin to Joyce M. and Greg W. Spalding — 1506 N. First Ave., Kelso, $109,000

Maria G. Miller to Aaron Joseph and Kala Aaron Odem — 2839 Field St., Longview, $100,000

Charles A. Gallagher to Mike Pennington and Amanda L. Rush — 3159 Garfield St., Longview, $163,000

Estate of Lorene F. Rayon (Sherman L. Shepherd, personal representative) to Kevin Bluhm and Guy Gullino — property in Cowlitz County, $120,000

Amund A. Taylor to David R. and Libby J. Ravander — 7424 Willow Grove Road, Longview, $119,900

Virginia M. Banks to John R. Krall — 151 Blackburn Lane, Kalama, $71,000

Del W. and Marilyn A. Talley to Luclaire H. Brateng — 1529 Third Ave., Longview, $172,500

Jeffrey D. and Rebecca L. Krone to Jesus A. Yanez and Judith D. Yanez — 280 Spruce Creek Road, Longview, $295,000

Edward and Sara Teresa Freeby to The Koto-Schoenberg Trust — 2509 Hickory, Longview, $235,000

Marcia Koker to April Amalbert and Rafael Amalbert — 215 Raspberry Lane, Woodland, $310,000

Alvin and Alice Babcock to Terry Kinney — 1622 N.E. Pacific Ave., Kelso, $80,000

Weyerhaeuser Real Estate Development to Jason J. Yu and Boosung Yu — lot 38, survey book 27, pages 92-96, Toutle, $74,000

Weyerhaeuser Real Estate Development to Dae Kyun Rhee and Mal Soon Rhee — lot 48, survey book 27, pages 92-96, Toutle, $62,500

Weyerhaeuser Real Estate Development to Dae Kyun Rhee and Mal Soon Rhee — lot 47, survey book 27, pages 92-96, Toutle, $58,900

Lance Maier to Bophal Khim — 1305 33rd Ave., Longview, $180,000

The Walseth Family trust to Wayne G. and Tammy S. Berry — 1700 Down River Drive, Woodland, $680,000

John and Joyce C. White to Brian and Jennifer Davis — 18 Forest Hill estates, Longview, $145,000

Balkan Living Trust to Calixto Contreras and Maria Transito Nino — 259 29th Ave., Longview, $122,500

John Orr Musser to Steven Scott and Heather M. Brown — 599 Second St., Kalama, $210,000

Helene E. Andersen to Omar E. Wetzstein — 315 Monroe St., Ryderwood, $126,500

James W. and Betty L. Johnson to Jimmy R. and Mary L. Silba — 2221 50th Ave., Longview, $123,000

Maxine Carlson to Paula Mills — 8204 Rose Valley Road, Kelso, $71,000

Wood & Wood Development LLC to George A. and Jennie Parson — 136 Willow Pointe Loop, Longview, $175,792.50

Roger K. and Kathleen S. Watson to David D. and Kerry L. Nelson — 208 Inglewood Drive, Longview, $187,461.20

Ronald K. and Ellen J. Jacobson to Betty L. Light and Allen E. Black — 109 Yaden Lane, Castle Rock, $195,000

Jeremy D. and Melissa N. Kirk to Joseph M. Dahl and Barry J. and Leslie M. Dahl — 611 17th Ave., Longview, $110,000

John L. and Kathy L. Mancinelli to Mary K. Zaremba — 15 Larry Lane, Longview $199,900

Applied Industries Inc. to Bert F. and Linda C. Barber — 959 Seventh Ave., Longview, $255,000

Amy E. Boss to Marcie and Gary Gene Koker — 234 Raspberry Lane, Woodland, $322,500

Verne A. and Marilyn J. Strader to Brian Thomas Enterprises Inc. — lot 2 of SP4/051, Kelso, $65,000

Olen Wallis to Jason D. and Delina M. Elliott — 2621 32nd Ave., Longview, $140,000

C. Ray and Rowena P. Christensen to Larry Britton — 1306 Eighth Ave. S., Kelso, $105,000

Ryan M. and Kaylene M. Partidge to Rick A. Woodruff and Heather B. Peterson — 2853 Lilac St., Longview, $158,000

Wasser & Winters Co. to Jason B. and Kacey C. Geiszler — 254 Curtis Drive, Longview, $85,000

Grant J. and Susan M. Swett to Marilyn K. Nitteberg-Haan and Thomas L. Haan — 1327 18th Ave., Longview, $400,000

Darren D. Espejo and Jeri L. Espejo to Joshua Colfer and Myola Martinez — 163 Home Town Drive, Kelso, $265,000

Thomas and Sandra Chavez to Allen K. Anderton — 206 Bunker Hill Road, Longview, $193,000

Richard C. and Nazreen B. Jones to Jobari L. Andrews — 207 Daffodil Lane, Kelso, $152,000

Jill and Micah J. Burr to Dustin M. and Kristin M. Nunes — 105 Lexington Place, Kelso, $151,000

Stephen R. and Wilma L. Nowak to Susan K. Delain — 113 Taylor Sands St., Longview, $449,000

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