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LIST OF SERVICES PROVIDED LIST OF SERVICES PROVIDED • Routine Teeth Cleaning • Dentures • Extractions • Root Canal Therapy • Partials • Fillings • Crowns • Bridges • Veneers • Teeth Whitening • Routine Teeth Cleaning • Dentures • Extractions • Root Canal Therapy • Partials • Fillings • Crowns • Bridges • Veneers • Teeth Whitening • BoToX® • TmJ & Therapeutic Esthetic Dental Procedures • implants • Chao Pinhole surgery Technique • Zoom Teeth Whitening™ ACCEPTs mosT insuRAnCE (DElTA DEnTAl, REgEnCE, AETnA, CignA, mETliFE, DEnTAmAX, ETC.), EXCEPT PRoViDER onE/DsHs. ACCEPTs All insuRAnCE ComPAniEs inCluDing PRoViDER onE/DsHs. REVIEWS FROM OUR WONDERFUL PATIENTS: • I’m SO glad I found Apple Dental. Every single person I’ve worked with is very friendly and welcoming. Honestly, I don’t feel like I’m going to the “Doctor”. • Everyone is so friendly in the front office and back. Very knowledgeable and work with you to get you the care that you need. I also really like that that I don’t have to be referred elsewhere for more in depth care, it can be done all right here! • I’ve let everyone I know that is looking for a Dentist to give Apple Dental a try. Dr. Gourley and her staff are AMAZING! Keep up the great job you do. Thank you. • Dr. Gourley is highly experienced and professional in many procedures, including implants that I had done there very successfully. The staff at Apple Family Dental are always very attentive, friendly and professional. I was very impressed with the advanced technology available at Apple Family Dental, where I was able to get my crown made on site during the same visit. • The staff is really friendly! They even laughed at my jokes! It’s great to leave your dentist smiling minus one bad tooth! Follow us on Facebook for contests and potential free items! SCHEDULE YOUR APPOINTMENT TODAY! /Longview-Family-Dental-241067359647005/ /AppleFamilyDental/ RooT CANAL SPECIAL ComPREhENSIvE DENTAL ExAm, x-RAyS, TEETh CLEANINg, AND fREE oRAL CANCER SCREENINg. 59 $ Savings of 500 $ (a $220 Value) New patients only. May not be combined with any other special offer. Call office for details. Limited time offer. 50% Molar root canal $600. Call for details. DENTURE SPECIAL CRowN SPECIAL Savings of 40% Savings of 50% 650 $ Mayy not be combined with any other off M offers. Must ust sign up ffor or QDP membership Restrictions may apply. Call for details. Tired of paying a lot for dental insurance and receiving very little benefit? Ditch your old dental insurance, sign up for our Quality Dental Plan, and save! We have over 300 QDP patients that have saved over $350,000! That is over a $1,000.00 per patient! Low Annual Fee One low initial fee covers everyone in the family for an entire year! Pricing That’s 40% Affortable Dentistry for the Whole Family off! Why should my Family choose Quality Dental plan? Imagine a dental plan that has no monthly premiums and no insurance company telling you what is or isn’t covered. That’s Quality Dental Plan. A dental plan created just for you by your dentist. With QDP, there's no waiting period, so you can receive treatment right away. We offer complete preventive care for adults and children, with no On average, a family of four could easily save thousands of dollars a year. Plus your membership in our practice’s plan includes valuable extras like free exams, free teeth cleanings, free x-ray and significant discounts on all dental procedurs! benefit limitations. 2020 9TH AVE SUITE A LONGVIEW, WA 98632 360.423.5580 Primary member: $389.00 ($35.00/month) Each additional family member: $339.00 ($32.00/month) Benefits • INCLUDED comprehensive examination for new patient • INCLUDED simple teeth cleanings (up to two per year at a value of over $190.00) • INCLUDED complete annual dental exam (up to two per year) • INCLUDED All x-rays needed to complete annual exam • INCLUDED Complimentary Teeth whitening (value of $308.00) • INCLUDED One Complimentary Emergency Exam (when definitive treatment is completed the same day as diagnosis-a value of $100.00) • A 40% savings on additional recommended periodontal maintenance cleaning appointments • A 50% savings on crowns • A 40% savings on general and major dental procedures • A 40% savings on implants and implant restorations • Chao Pinhole Surgery Technique, BOTOX, and 3DCT scans are excluded from the QDP plan And more.... 40% savings on all Dental Procedures* 50% off Crowns With Quality Dental Plan, there are no monthly premiums, and no hidden fees. Just quality dental care. *Some exclusions may apply. 1052 DOUGLAS ST. LONGVIEW, WA 98632 360.353.5337

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