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Stopping Cognitive Decline Anyone who’s had a loved one suffer dementia or Alzheimer’s disease is well aware of the impact this has on the entire family. Identifying cause before serious damage occurs is critical to family health. Knowing what to do when symptoms appear may help avert full on dementia. The causes of cognitive decline are many. Trauma, inflammation, insulin resistance, toxicity, vascular disturbances, and what’s known as atrophic, or breaking down of organs is involved. Trauma can create autoimmune response where your own body’s defense attacks your brain and nervous system. Inflammation anywhere creates chemical changes which damage the brain. Inflammation is most damaging closest to the brain. Oral infections and sinus infections especially are an issue. Gluten sensitivity can create severe mental aberrations. Removing wheat can make a world of difference in these cases. Insulin resistance causes inflammation of the brain. In fact, Alzheimer’s is now being labeled as type 3 diabetes. Toxicity is a huge problem today as our world is so chemical dependent. Hair coloring, nail treatments, anesthesia, immunizations, environmental exposure, and dental mercury, all create challenges. Vascular damage impairs delivery of nutrition to the brain. Atherosclerosis restricts circulation to the brain and nervous system. Atrophic changes with reduced hormone secretion creates systemic imbalances impacting cognition. All these areas require appropriate treatment to stop and reverse cognitive decline.

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