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Residents Urged
to Get New Joint
Pain ‘Vaccine’

“It’s the only thing that’s ever worked,”
say patients; Now you can get it for free

Daniel Rachelle is pain free for the first time in years. He credits a new supplement people are calling a ‘vaccine’ for
joint pain. Residents in pain are encouraged to find out how they can get up to 5 bottles of the supplement for free.
By Adrienne McKinney
research for decades, it’s not a discovered that they had a much
Senior Health Editor
secret, but they turn a blind eye lower rate of arthritis than their
Imagine turning back the clock to it,” said Victor Urbina, CEO of New Zealand neighbors. They
Optimum Life Labs. “Let’s face it, lived pain-free to a ripe old age.
on your achy joints and muscles.
there’s too much money at risk for
But why?
Returning to the days before
them to admit something like this
pain and discomfort kept you from
The difference was in what
could work.
doing the little things you used to
they ate: the little sea mussel that
“We took the medical Dr. Hurley prescribed his arthritic
take for granted.
Hurley patients and that Optimum Life
Things like working in your
accumulated over his 40-year Labs has bottled in Joint Nirvana.
garden, playing with your
career where he helped thousands
grandkids and even a good night’s
Risk-Free Trial
of arthritis patients and put it in an
Through a special arrangement
easy-to-swallow pill,” continued
Well, your days of living Urbina. “Every week we hear a with Optimum Life Labs, they
pill-to-pill could be over. An all- new story of one of our customers have agreed to send you up to 5
natural supplement by Optimum finding real relief for the first time. free bottles of Joint Nirvana with
Life Labs called Joint Nirvana is That’s something Big Pharma and your order. As a bonus, they’re
now available in Washington and Big Medicine can’t ignore.”
also offering you a “readers only”
people are calling it “the” joint
discount. This limited trial is
Fully Guaranteed
and muscle pain “vaccine” Big
100% risk-free.
People who suffer debilitating
Pharma doesn’t want you to know
If Joint Nirvana doesn’t help
joint and muscle pain want one
you enjoy the activities you used
“I’ve tried every pain pill the thing, to find relief. But most of to love without pain you won’t
doctor has ever prescribed me them have resigned themselves to pay a penny! (Except S&H)
and Joint Nirvana is the only thing simply finding a way to manage You’re covered by their 100%
that’s made the pain stop,” said the pain they currently have and pain-relief guarantee for an entire
Alberta, Canada resident Astrid hope it doesn’t get worse.
year. So the only thing you have to
Joint Nirvana was formulated lose is your pain.
Hansen who’s been taking it daily
with its active sea mussel
for just 4 months.
If you’re still not convinced that
ingredient to do more than just
It Finds All
Joint Nirvana could work for you,
mask and numb your pain the way
here’s what real people who have
Your Aches And Pains
over-the-counter and prescription
tried it are saying.
The secret behind the success pain pills do.
I Feel Better For First
of this little pill is in the way it
Optimum Life Labs guarantees
“automatically” finds your achy
Time In 63 Years
that it could give you real results
joints and muscles. It’s almost like
got 24 different things
if you give the millions of tiny
it has a road map of your entire
building blocks it delivers time to wrong with me, Joint Nirvana is
body and knows exactly where to
what’s made me feel better for the
rebuild your crumbling joints.
go to deliver the most relief.
first time in 63 years.” -Simone
“We stand behind Joint Nirvana
“Joint Nirvana is a special
Phillips, Hampton, NH
1000%,” said Urbina. “We know it
pill,” said Dr. Georgia Rodriguez,
I Sleep Better At Night
works. Here’s why.
director of research at Optimum
been sleeping better at
“An 83-year-old customer of
Life Labs. “It finds the
night since I started taking Joint
inflammation that’s causing all
Nirvana, thank you!” -Daniel
your misery and delivers millions pain caused by spina bifida her
Rachelle, Pensacola, FL
of tiny little building blocks. They
My Knees No Longer Hurt
put out the fire and rebuild the Nirvana and the pain completely
damage you’ve done to your joints disappeared. She called begging
“I’ve had my right knee and left
over decades of daily wear-and- us to never stop making it.”
shoulder replaced. Joint Nirvana is


Decades Of
Medical Research
Joint Nirvana is based on the
medical research conducted by
Albuquerque orthopedic surgeon
Dr. Lloyd Hurley over 20 years
In Dr. Hurley’s groundbreaking
one-year study, over 100 arthritis
patients reported that their joint
and muscle pain had almost
disappeared after just a few
weeks of taking a little-known
sea mussel in supplement form.
But the amazing results of
Dr. Hurley’s study didn’t end

Cartilage Damage
Follow up x-rays of these
same patients showed that the
damage caused by arthritis did
not get worse while they took
the sea mussel supplement
daily. In fact, the complete
opposite happened.
The x-rays Dr. Hurley took
proved without a doubt that some
of his patients were able to re-grow
cartilage. A thing other doctors
had told them was completely out
of the question.
incurable, the wear-and-tear
of aging,” said Dr. Hurley,
“but evidence shows it can be

Drug Companies Don’t
Want You To Know
Dr. Hurley’s research does
show arthritis can be stopped
and reversed without the need of
brutal and expensive surgeries that
require months of painful rehab.
“Big Pharma and Big Medicine
has known about Dr. Hurley’s

But how can Optimum Life
Labs guarantee it could work
for you? They say it’s all in the

Controlled Study Proves It,
Doctor Agrees
The sea mussel Dr. Hurley
tapped into and that Joint Nirvana
uses has a long scientific research
history and an even longer history
of real world use.

How Much Joint Pain & Inflammation
Did They Reduce?
All Of It



Half Of It


None Of It
Source: Royal Melbourne Institute
of Technology in Australia

A 1983 study by the Royal
Melbourne Institute ofTechnology
in Australia showed that in
controlled tests it safely reduced
almost all pain and inflammation.
NSAIDs and aspirin only reduced
it by half or less.
“The sea mussel is totally
safe. It protects your stomach. It’s
nothing like NSAIDs and aspirin
that destroy it,” said Dr. Georges
M. Halpern.
In the real world, the Maori
tribes who live on the coasts of
New Zealand have been eating
the sea mussel as a regular part of
their diet for centuries.
When scientists from around
the world studied the Maori they

helping me avoid getting my left
knee replaced too, I’m confident
it’s working.” -Charlie Wilkes,
Denver, CO

I’ll Never Be
Without It Again
“When I was born the doctors
told my parents I wouldn’t live
one year. I’ve lived in pain my
whole life. Joint Nirvana is the
only thing that’s made the pain
stop and I’ve tried everything!” Astrid Hansen, Alberta, Canada

You’re A Ticking
Time Bomb
Research shows you’re a
ticking time bomb. We are all
going to develop arthritis. It’s
already inside us because achy
joints are part of getting old.
The question becomes, how
bad will your arthritis be and
how much will it ruin your life?
You deserve to do everything
you can to try to stop it in its

How To Get
Joint Nirvana
No prescription is needed to
take advantage of this “readers
only” offer and it’s not available
in stores. Because of limited
availability in Washington, this
offer expires in 24-hours. So
please act fast.
To request your risk-free
trial and up to 5 free bottles
pick up your phone and dial
1-800-819-8820. The first 50
callers will receive a huge
money saving discount. There is
a full one year, no questions asked,
100% money back guarantee if
you’re not absolutely delighted
because your pain is completely
gone. Call now before this special
introductory price goes up.



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